So the general sentiment is that the dip is almost over...

So the general sentiment is that the dip is almost over. We're hovering around a 400 billion market cap from a high of 850 billion, 60% retracement compete.

Howd you guys hold up? I'm down to 30k from a high of 44k. Not too bad I don't think.

Shes degrading

Your in for a surprise if you think that was the dip

She's hot, but she looks so fucking stupid.

I'm done to 4k from 17k. It depends of what shitcoin you bought.

dont ever fucking post this fucking ronald mcdonald looking ass bitch ever again
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do kids think this is sexy? i'm old

I love how these people posting 2k predictions never post their shorts. It doesn't even have to be leveraged, even a 1x or 2x short is reasonable. I mean, if you were so sure about price decline surely you'd want to make some money on the way down, right?

Really makes you ponder who has actual skin in the game huh

looks like a legitimate girl, no traps ever look perfectly female, so no.

Youre in surprise if you think im ever selling.
More than 2x initial investment cashed out.
Im not letting those precious away.

down to $40k from $100k
>tfw my goal was to make $100k and cash out to put a big down payment on a condo
>i got greedy and now i still live with my parents at 28

you would just say it's fake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
if BTC breaks the support I'm going to short again, (EOS or NEO)

Similar numbers but slowly going down
I went bigger than I've should on some etherdelta tokens

Huh? Most agree that it's going sub 6k.

>spend all your crypto on a box to live when you can just rent for $500 and be a crypto millionaire in a year

the absolute state of normies

same feels man, but my dad bailed me out
learn to day trade

My goal was to make 100k per month, I nearly did it in January. In the first half of January. Second half was treading shit. Thanks gramps, find a floor already, geez.

in my city 500$ would get you a crack house a gang has already claimed. my rent in 8600$ a month(granted 3 story town house near beach.

>My goal was to make 100k per month

>all of these normies ITT not turned on by an ahegao face
get out REEE

>Still hasn't posted his Short


theres this wonderful invention called legs that you can use to move around to other places

having 40k networth(at least) and still living in your parents house is basically the equivalence of sucking your thumb and drinking from a bottle

grow up

down to ~200k down from ATH of 500k.


im dying

too much make up on this one

god bless you

high of $110k, held everything through the entire correction, didnt even trade or load blockfolio. Now at $42k

feels shitty but w/e started with $3k initially so still up a bit

I love how she just degrades herself like that, thats hot

>general sentiment



I'm not a normie but ahegao is the stupidest fucking fetish in existence

Ahegao is a fetish that people who actually have sex have

>Ahegao is a fetish that people who actually have sex have


thanks just bought 100k


isn't it thotjack?