In 48 hours, this building is going to make crypto skyrocket, but regulations may come out on shit coins...

in 48 hours, this building is going to make crypto skyrocket, but regulations may come out on shit coins. Get in your bluechips NOW! Big money wants to get in but they're not about being scammed, also exchanges will be super bottle necked. There will either be new exchanges needed or I dont knowwwww, maybe these things called REQ, LINK etc will change crypto forever, in a good way. The wojacks are coming.

Stolen from another post: "I'd like to add that there's also no real good ways for big investors to get into the space without trying to wire millions of dollars into GDAX or Gemini, and then send bits of BTC, ETH or LTC to a bunch of retarded exchanges and get fined like 4 times, once for moving BTC/ETH/LTC, another time to trade for whatever dumb coin you want, and then again when you sell, another transfer fee when you go from secondary exchange back to primary, and AGAIN when you go back to primary exchange to cash out to fiat.

Exchanges are the biggest bottleneck as far as market growth goes, especially with many suspending registration recently for a bit. Once we get primary exchanges (ones that accept fiat) that allow users to convert fiat to ANY alt, we have the incentive needed to get the bigger investors on board. Its a fucking clusterfuck atm. I have high hopes for both the Liquid platform and SDEX to fix this problem."

FairX and XLM are going to be huge in 2018, and we are going to see places throughout the Bay Area accepting Stellar for payments

Holding will pay off bigtime in 2018 for sure. Enjoy to anyone that listens

What do you like about FairX

Are you just speculating or do you work there


What the fuck, huge

>armed forces
never trust a brainlet Veeky Forums

when you do "security" you overhear the talk

post more proof. timestap plz

Any idea what they consider a shit coin and the type of regulation that might be coming?


t. someone who is all-in on Vechain

damn. gg OP
we have 48 h? do you think it will dip even more or it's time go all in?

lmao is that your basic training ez pay card, and smart sheet for coms? watch out guys hes top secret.

If it does not have a legit team, legit use or at least some kind of legitimacy it may be in trouble. Weird things like insider trading and bigger versions if childish discord groups will be dealt with swiftly, crypto is going to EXPLODE but only for those who were smart and held in blue chips. If you are hedging in jokes like doge and turtle coins, garbage like that this fake dream is over for you

So is it true, linkies will really make it. Am i right?

Nothign was really mentioned by name but like I said if its an actual shit coin, not your meme talk, I mean if you cant see a real world use for it, you will be trimmed.

oh goyim goyim... and you think we were going to buy bitcoin at 8k, goyim i- i-just

btc 100$

Is teeka going to be jailed. Please say yes!

eth 20$

The weak hands have been shook, and the big money is coming.

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why the fuck is Veeky Forums so gullible?

its a hearing

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>regulations banning discord PnDs on a decentralized market

ltc 7$

Not discords, im using them as an example. You think millionaire and billionaires and political positions dont do the same damn thing on a bigger level? Brainlet

altcoins sub 0,10$

I got issued an EZPay card when I deployed to Afghanistan.

This. Why i didnt entertain his comments. All cucks that never deployed, probably chairforce

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were going to short this into the ground you filthy gentiles.

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turkish crypto maffia syndicate told me to hodl because the rothschilds and rockefellers will have to jump in at some point or risk becoming obsolete the coming decades. It was stated that this moment might be soon.

believe it at your own peril but its true story.

Fair point

Good thread

So ICX, NEO, ETH, AION, WAN etc should be blowing up soon?

you think (((regulations))) will stop them?

((They)) are the regulations, get in your blue chips now, they only let so many on this ride.

You say shitcoins will be purged but you recommend LINK?

PROTIP: he's shilling his bags

I dont own any LINK i do own REQ though, im applying this to actual shit coins and ICOs that we all know are ponzis and exit scams

And mention VEN lol

>Exchanges are the biggest bottleneck as far as market growth goes, especially with many suspending registration recently for a bit.
This is true. I'm literally waiting 2 months now for bitstamp to process my verification. No joke. It's been pending ever since.

>regulations will make the market go up

Every exchange is slowly doing an exit scam.The bottlenecking is a boldfaced lie to throw crypto investors off.