Scammed IP:

Help me track this scammer down, he or her scammed me of 50€

IP Adress:

fucking poor fag go and kys

making a difference out of if its a he or she, you fucking leddit cancer should fuck off my board and kys please do ti

if you lost money you deserve it piece of shit

also sage

Wait a sec gonna insert his ip in darkcomet and will retrieve everything and more


It was me
Thanks for your stupid money

Found him

seriously go kys you fucking loser - this guy gets some serious +rep from me for scamming you faggot

cancerous nigger i just received ur 50europoors money, wiping my ass of with ur shitmoney rn

just tracked him OP, I can give you access to his PC for 0.05BTC

You got scammed of 50€?
oh my that is sooo muuuch =((((

ill hack him and get your money back for $49. if interested email me at [email protected]

Scamming should be legal. Prove me wrong.

I tracked it down and it seems to be a Russian Mafia PC.

I can hack their mainframe and return your $50 for a $1,200 fee. My services don't come cheap.

Im so happy op got robbed, what a faggot

You should have said it's a black guy. Veeky Forums would swarm over it.

we got you now , bucko

it was sven from sveden

Nice facebook account, Dopesmoker is a good album

I'll do it for you for 25 $ paid upfront in BTC.

sjw get the fuck out of here

lol OP you sound like someone who would buy some speakers from my van.

I found him. Don't worry OP. I have your back

i'm sure the internet provider will go out of their way for your 50 euros user

He was behind a proxy. Real IP is just call the cops and tell them

Hmmmm, sounds like something a black guy might say...