Sips tea

>sips tea


She is lucky to be alive

She is bullish on USDT, why aren't you?

>taking financial advice from a female
>taking advice from MSM


My cousin dated her back in the day. He said her pussy smelled.


>someone is going to fuck this thing and have babies that'll turn into additional mutts.

let that sink in for a moment.

judging by her eyebrows this whore must be hairy as fuck
absolutely disgusting

like curry

>part time photography enthusiast
so sometimes she is enthusiastic about it and other times she's not? wut

this is the reason for the demise of the human race.

la creatura...

But she is a poo, where is the Chicano/Negro blood in her?

who dis?

its useless, we can't beat the pajeets, they got the numbers

She's a fat pajeet

female pajeets are pretty funny. their fate are pretty bad once they get into their 20s. i've only seen beta chinesemen and blacks other than other ranjeets chase after these kind of women. once they start ballooning due to the absolute shit diet that's their culture they settle down and turn into huge boulders.

the sad thing is there are still chub chasers that love this shit.


She lost some guys a lot of money. How is she still alive?

Who is this? What did I miss?

Please spoonfeed me.

whats that on her eyebrow?