Crypto is a bubble

>crypto is a bubble
>BTC will be under 4k soon
>experts in TA declared BTC intrinsic value to be under $20 and market cap of just under 200 million dollars
>just sell bro you already made more money than any stocks
>we’re in over 3 years bear market
>US feds will ban cryptos tomorrow
>You’ll never see those gainz ever ever again
>I would cash out while I still can and buy new car

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Who are you quoting?

>he thinks greentext is used exclusively for quoting

Nice FUD m8, just bought more.

kinda makes you think who really get paid to shitpost 24/7 on here


Seeing how triggered you are to post the ultimate passive-aggressive retort, he is probably quoting some of the unoriginal FUD you have used in the past.

>reverse fud

cute, it’s over m8.

Sure, that is why we have such an infestation of retards saying it's over. Because they spontaneously came here and are totally not paid.

if BTC goes to 20$ i'm buying thousands

>being this new
you have to go back

If feds don't let me cash out, how am I supposed to pay my taxes? You have to be fucking stupid to think they would ban it when they could get all that fucking money


They make you pay taxes on crypto-crypto trading and ban all fiat gateways for AML


More like everyone can see the downtrend. If exposure to bitcoin doesn’t keep up, bitcoin dies. Hope you sold at 9.5k, it’s at 8.3 now and bringing the entire market with it.

stay poor eurofag
Newfag we’ve been trading btc face to face before you started shitting your pants
Lmao prepaid FuDing hookers think they totally not obvious

It's "been over" four other times since I got in. You literally have to crash this shit to $10 for me to start worrying, nigger.
>Hope you sold at 9.5k, it’s at 8.3
I hope you bought in at 300, pajeet. What have you made out of this? 5k? That is cute.

Havent you already liquidated yourself shorting on the 100x leverage?

LOL nice try BURGER.

I know you sold low again, because you murican weakhands are just too stupid to do your own research to know if some news are fake or not. You believe every single FUD and start panicing / selling.

Now you know that you fucked up and want to spread fud to be able to buy back low.

Won't word murifat.

so short the fuck out of it

No sweetie, we arent paid to FUD bitcoin, we simply sold on your ass when it was at the top. Its always been a useless scheme

you and 100 billion other virgins

Cash out? Good luck

As soon as enough people try, everyone will finally figure out that market cap is a myth, and that there isn't anywhere near enough real dollars to pay off.

Yes, I'm sure you did. The 6k ""top"" and you are really desperate about getting back in the game. Are you a close relative of Bitfinexed? Aww, too bad, you'll have to rebuy at 8200. Feel free to wait and buy even higher though.

cant you retards even into these days ?

>TA analysts declare OP isn't a faggot


lmao whats the matter coincuck? angry that youve lost 50% of your networth over the last week?
No sweetums, I have no interest in buying back into bitcoin. I sold at 17k at it went straight to a vangaurd

The alleged market cap of bitcoin is currently listed as being greater than the COMBINED total GDP of these countries.

People don't understand how, in thinly traded markets (and, because until recently you couldn't short Bitcoin), that prices drift upward to an irrational value.

So while BTC may be shown as worth $8274 each, it's misleading. If a large enough number go up for sale, the price will collapse, and land to where it's real value should be, which is either zero or close to it.

>went all in stocks all time high months before 2018 global recession
>post advice on image board about selling BTC which totally immune to global recessions
Niga eat a salty dick

those arent countries nigger

wow Im really happy Im not as stupid as you

Here's the source. It's fun, I'm sure, to see how much your favorite shitcoin compares to the GDP of various countries.

that moment when you out of any logical counter arguments and just starting to make random puffing noise so you could get some attention from your parents

>I would just get some of that money and just like, live


And another faggot who does not understand how market cap works. Can't compare marketcP to GDP u fucking imbecile.

nice meme
Your original comment was just so stupid I dont need to develop a counter argument.

Truly laughable, even a total idiot would look at your comment and go "wow that guy is deluded as fuck"

Sure you can. Just like how you can compare national debt to GDP, or weekly grocery store spending to total money in the bank account.

The point is... at this point, Bitcoin is supposed to have a "value" of $140.2 B.

This is in no way real.

Here’s some reasons you retarded nigger

>global growth at unprecedented levels
>even sanctioned as fuck russia growing well
>banks at there healthiest position with no obvious bubbles capable of bringing yields and equity down both
>tax repatriation bill on track for record inflows to certain sectors
>tons of cheap stock options outside sp500
>small correction providing us the best buy in point for equitys for 2018 continued bull market

Go be a retard elsewhere

Amazing how history repeats itself.

I heard similar arguments in 2005 when people were trying to explain to me why the value of homes never go down.

Literally all of Veeky Forums lmao

So, what sketchy security package is going to cause this market to turn down? Come on now; tell me.

Look at it in the totality...

1. The dow went from 17888 to 26616 in a little over a year, from 10/31/16 to 1/22/18. That's a 48.79% rise, all of which occurred BEFORE there were any meaningful changes in tax policy or anything else.

2. A lot of the rise over the last few years is a result of the fed keeping rates artificially low. While lowering them during the crisis was necessary, keeping them down because you're afraid the street will be mad isn't a smart idea.

3. When a crash comes, the only weapons the fed has to fight it is lowering rates and QE. Prior to the crash, fed rates were 5.25%, and were brought down to zero. Now they are at 1.25-1.5%, which means that if another crash happens, they can't drop them as far, basically limiting the effect that any rate drop would have. Also, it's questionable if congress would be willing to throw another $1 trillion at a problem the second time around.

4. Wall street has been holding their breath waiting for another crash. They know that the recent rise in the DOW and S&P has been detached from reality. That's why they are sniffing around for bad news, and why any time someone sneezes they freak out and sell. No one wants to be caught offguard like last time.

5. There are many things that could trigger the burst of the bubble. Last time it was bad debt related to housing. This time, it might be the impending crash of the canadian housing market, it might be the uncertainty in the health care industry, it might be people just getting a bad feeling and stopping their spending.

6. But in either event, the crash is already being seen as happening at some point. This will be bad for the market as a whole, for cryptos, etc.

Why would I trust Tits and Ass experts?

OP is right, it's actually legit. It is over for cryptocurrency, but it will take months to decline another 90 %.

Original post:

>I work at BLACKROCK

nice b8 m8

1. Tax cuts were priced in. A republican House/Senate/Pres sort of implies that son. It’s called a Trump Rally for a reason.
2. It was necessary and a correction is due with reaction to rising interest rate benchmarks. This will correct, or at worst, trigger a bear market in the most overpriced sectors (tech, ecommerce) but close to a recession
3. What crash? Concerning what? Equities? Corporate spending? Business Inventories have just started to decrease following the worst tense up for logistics, giving the best signal a strong economy can give.
4. So, assuming you we’re referring to equity prices crashing. Not sure what “last time” refers too. That has the least effect on the economy in general. Besides the tremendous health of corporate America, it won’t last long.
5. What bubble are you referring too?
6. Cop out claim, I heard otherwise.

I suppose you may be right. Who know, we're both just guessing. If predicting the market was a science then there would be no risk.

I can remember people saying that the DOW would never go above 2000; and now it's 10x that.

But I'm smelling something in the wind. Not the most accurate TA, but my nose is pretty good.

This smells like 2006, it smells like 1987, though not as bad.

I'm not alone in thinking this.

Fuck it. I tapped out. Sorry guys. It's been fun.

because youre retarded and have little market expieriece. Youve never studied the market6s from before 2008 and you think recessions are commonplace rather than once in a lifetime opportunities. You dont know about catalysts, or the influx of worldwide investors, or the new paradigm of valuations.

If BTC goes below $8k, we are heading to $6k by the end of next week, if $6k is taken, we are going down to $4k, that could be support for next four weeks.

What do I want with a fucking car?

Make it or die trying!

I've been in the market since 1983. This isn't my first rodeo.

then you shouldnt be worrying considering we have 0 catalysts of a bear market occurring
It will get choppier, but still will go up. This market of today is more akin to 1950s

> buy new car

LOL, faggot, go back to shilling cars