FUCK YOU"!!!!1111

Fuck you Veeky Forums

You literally convinced me into buying this shit for $1. Now, it can barely hold above .25. This shit goes down harder than anything else when the market crashed and cant even slightly recover. Even when there is good news, this shit just keeps on crashing. Are we straight going back to .05 cents? You know what fuck you biz. I will throw in my salary and just in increase my stack.

Same problem with Link, but at least Linkies have decent memes and not just the stacy FUD

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>18b circulating supply
>103b total supply
>9b market cap

Why do people hold this shit coin?

tfw bought at 5 cents sold at $1, $0.75 and recently, my last chips at $0.37 cuz market is tankening.

tfw holders r retarded

Read the whitepaper you brainlet. Why did you buy something you weren't confident in yourself?

REQ is legit awful and one of a few shitcoins worse than TRX

>Whole market is crashing
> complains about his one coin

Fucking retards

>YFW dropping from $1.27 to $0.25

You should of course sell your 210 REQ. It only makes since to buy coins after they reach mass adoption by the public. Fuck X100 gains... you'll be nice and comfy with your 20%. REQ is one of those projects everyone knows will be at least $3 with a working product. Growth and adoption gets $5. The rest is a wildcard. If crypto remains a bunch of profit seeking moon watchers then REQ might pull 10$ before it corrects. This all requires time and patience that you do not have. Buy bitcoin you moron. It's possibly at bottom and the rest of the normiefags will be buying in from their robinhood apps. Your mother and I should have aborted you.

Absolute garbage! blog.request.network/request-network-project-update-february-2nd-2018-tech-development-rcn-partnership-b26b8f949cb4

You don’t think more than $10 is possible?

t. 7k bag holder

Hey..Stacy..where are you?...Stacy?

I feel like every FUDr in these threads are people who hold REQ and are laughing at people going "yeah teh coinz is turriabule just turrble sell now!" accumulate before march

I have bought so much cheap REQ lately that Im in danger of not making my car payment lol. These my friends are the days we will be telling stories about. I will sell blood to buy REQ at .30

Crypto is going to be huge this year, and if you use foresight and a little critical thinking youll see REQ will be over 10 easy before summer

this is what you get for buying a token with no working product that will be made obsolete by venmo and robinhood

What? It's got a 640M circ and 1B total

>picking a token with omisego as competition

>OmiseGO is competing with REQ

kek that article is so wrong on so many things since it was posted. The fact they even have to make such a post just goes to show how shook they are.

>Look at this list of problems with eth that will all be solved by using omg(plasma)

Plus the fact they leave out everything about the dex and the other 20 things you would know are bullshit if you bothered to do some reading

OmiseGO can be considered a cryptobank that you can use to do wire transfers. While Request Network is a payment portal.

They don't target the same market but lots of people don't understand this because they have no background in finance thus they don't see the differences between different financial services.

It's like saying that the Bank of America has to watch out due to a new ATM manufacturer setting up shop. In fact they could benefit from each other instead of being in competition.

But I don't expect any else from Veeky Forums, most people here are literal teenagers.

It's a long term hold you impatient bitch.