Rich still alive? Someone filmed this dude who looks a lot like Rich

It's from some italian night club. Is this real?

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sure is business and finance in here

wrong board fuck. im sorry


Please be real, but if not, then please don't get my hopes up, Veeky Forums. I am emotionally shattered from the lose of Rich Piana and I cannot be played like this.

Post the fucking link you fucking dickhead

lmao people are still playing this game? At least with Zyzz the rumors were viable, dying in some thai sauna. Rich died in the United States and was confirmed dead by multiple people. This picture is old

here is link
mods please dont ban me.
rich is in his name so its kinda related

considering his 5% crew is well known in the fitness industry and most of that success is because of his youtube popularity/marketing I would think it is sort of related
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Most people who go on Veeky Forums also go on Veeky Forums. It’s a good thing.

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wtf it got deleted.
im gonna get it for you guys

That is 100% him but it is from a few years ago when he had his facial piercing from the looks of your picture.

Quick run down on the Nigger. What coin does he promotes?

5% Coin

>Not knowing Wealthy Piano
Are you trying to not make it? Because that's how you don't make it.

Well, I found this if it helps. WTF.
Amazed he didn't die sooner.
His market advice is legendary. ''you could literally buy anything and make money, it was the 80's''


that shit's grotesque
Bought 100K

Finally got to see his legs though.

that thicclet has an ass on his chest

>rich is in his name so it's kinda related


plz be real

Only the good die young

Somewhere out there, Rich still lives on.

biz, fit, and pol are the holy trinity