How do we save nano?

How do we save nano?

It’s dead user

try selling

"We" wait for the entire market to finish bottoming out, moron

By pressing S to spit on scam shit version of IOTA

There is a a major bug in the code. It can't be fixed without starting from scratch. Maybe they can do a fork?


Maybe they'll do a fork without anyone knowing. LINK style.

>tfw the shadowforking spreads

lol even vitalik called that shitcoin the scammiest ECR20 token out there.

Why do you post this every thread? It's not even a token.

we dont

It's a meme you pleb


fake news/10

Patience. If you can't see that long term that this coin is an important pillar in the market, I don't know how to help you. Just listen to biz and sell

I don't know how they got so far up on CMC as an ERC20 with no viability

Signs like this show Nano has hope

Nano doesn't just have hope. It is the future! No jewish tricks like fucking ripple and lumens!

#1 use case feeless arb coin

>kucoin charges withdraw fees
>binance charges withdraw fees

#1 use case send it back and forth between 2 wallets you own to admire the speed

It got manipulated on shitty exchanges and bagholders hold it up now. Your coin is dead.

this is so retarded I don't even know how to respond

>any other coin is withdraw fee + tx fee
>nano is just withdraw fee

It’ll jump back, anyone who’s selling now might be crying later.

gas is zero fee on both

try again nanotard

>It’ll jump back, anyone who’s selling now will be crying later.

Heyyy hEyyyyy heeeeeEYYYYy


>what are decentralized exchanges

>what are remittances

you mean those exchanges that only have erc20 tokens?

guess it fits there, nano is the scammiest erc20 token to date

Vitalik even said so

I'm gonna let you guys in on a secret. Nano makes small businesses money by not fucking them over with credit transaction fees. They pay for a one time node set up and that's it. Once word gets out that its cheaper than visa/mastercard/etc more nodes will be set up which has the added benefit of strengthening the network. I could easily see this taking off with small business.

What is monero gold?

um... what, retard? decentralized exchanges are the future. you will pay trade fees on any exchange, that will never go away. Zero is less than almost zero, bottom line why nano will succeed.

you realize that nano isn't a erc20 token right?

Nice job taking his bait.

half of the people in crypto actually are that dumb and aren't baiting