*silently breathes in*

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*sips foreskin*

Kinda nice from them to force their account to a buy wall for the idiots to sell their coins to.

Holy fuck lmaoooooo

How many of you fucking retards bought this shit? Show yourselves!!!!

that's fucking hilarious. Veeky Forums we have fucking destroyed this market.

Look at the website lmfaooo


so did the devs even manage to successfully exit scam or did the exchange freeze their assets first?

They claim it was a fork but it just takes like 5 seconds to find out it's an ERC20.
People are retarded. Holy shit.

I guess their withdrew a lot of btc yesterday that's why coinexchange says "the remaining"

look at the fuckin account on the article! The account transferred 23 sets of 000 (I can’t even think of the name bazilliongazillion) of monero gold coins. I don’t even think there are that many coins in da market combined LOLOLOL

How much did they raise in their ICO and exit scam with?

Aside from totally fucking holders, I bet this is going to wash over a few more of the shitcoins.

I mean... if you have this coin that turns out to be a total scam, people are going to start asking themselves what other shitcoins are scams.

Has there been a drop in price today in some of the lower level coins?

It sounds like the exchange stopped them from exit scamming and is going tobgive their bitcoins to the victims.

>seems you are the same developer from litecoin gold .. Undecided same style thread .. .. as soon we invest in your project you dump all and ran away


Did that guy seriously get away with it? Will he any repercussions for this?

Lol Coinexchange should be shut down

They happily list any scam coin

Kucoin did fuck up with confido but seriously with a coin name of Gold this was completely obvious.

expect to see 95% of all money in crypto sit in

They're wrong on multiple levels.

First they list shitcoin on their exchange.

Then they make an arbitrary decision to seize the assets of a use and spread them around to everyone else.

But I guess this is the problem playing in an unregulated market.

But it does beg the question... when they come for YOUR account/money, what's to stop them from cleaning YOU out, claiming that you somehow cheated?

Biz got scammed, someone else took their money

wait. so, they exitscammed? thought they got hacked or something

if this little pajeet is going to try and scam people by dumping on a centralized exchange then them locking his account is reasonable