He warned us

>he warned us
>we didn't listen

What’s with his fucking ears

Can someone explain to me why a man worth 90 billion still bothers to go to work everyday?

buddha reincarnation

>implying he isn't accumulating

millenials BTFO

I listened

He loves what he does

>old fuck tells boomers to market sell
>they market sell
>he's Nostracoinmas

money is just a way of keeping score, you're poor so you don't understand

Because money is not the end goal, it's just the means to measure success.

Wow, 1.5 months gains erased. He was totally right!

He's a self fulfilling prophecy, when he speaks the market moves.

good that hes old af and about to die any second then

Billionaires aren't the type of people who retire

What about before he was famous? Must have gotten really lucky with his investments for decades I guess.

The man isn't a god but he is a very good investor.

>guy has been trading since he was a kid
>built one of the worlds largest conglomerates
>literally Veeky Forums mascot tier
>cryofaggot is pissy over his truthful comment on bitcoin

will cryptofags ever get over themselves?

Retards don't want to hear the truth.


he was selling shit stuff for 2x to some idiots since he was a little kid he is a mozart level genius in investing

>muh success
>muh keeping score

The man lives a meager life and lives in a $31,000 home. He's never driven a lambo in his entire life. His children hate him for hording wealth and not bothering to actually spend any of it for the sake of comfort and luxury.

He will most likely die in his office, alone and bitter that he couldn't overtake Jeff Bezos as the richest man alive.

same reason he went to work when he had 90 million or 50 billion or whatever amount. Its probably not about the money.

this, friends, is called projecting

>modesty and work ethic are bad
>trump style laziness and undue extravagance are good
white americans need to be lined up against a wall and shot

And this is why you'll never get to lambo land. You have the mindset of a middle class blue collar worker.


your ears and nose don't stop growing until you die.


work sets you free

I think your eyeballs too

He pays less in taxes than his secretary. That's a moral outrage.

you should read the wiki article on Buffett, savy investor with pretty good ethics and moral standards.. something the average cryptokid here could use more of before the regulators really get going and fucking them up.

What about them?

He's called attention to that over and over in hopes for more taxes on the super rich.

pretty sure you are an idiot.. he will die in office but he gives away tons of his wealth every year... might want to look up the "Giving Pledge"

No, he FUDDED and you listened. Or do you really believe one of the biggest and better investors in the world is not partaking in this unregulated and high return market?

did somebody call for the Alpha Tech Investor

Yeah, I do. Dude is not interested and doesn't understand or care about the technology. He only invests in shit he understands. He also already has plenty of money. So I'd be really surprised.

>Dude is not interested and doesn't understand or care about the technology
Did he tell you that too?
>He only invests in shit he understands.
Again you think he doesnt?
>He also already has plenty of money
If he had enough he would have retired already.

crash the market

It's actually been proven that those who work into old age live longer then those who retire. Problem is when they take up the jobs the next generation needs, I don't mind it if an older person wants to work as a tax accountant or something like that but when they start working at Starbucks or hold on to some position for 50+ years that's just depressing.

Vechain is everything Buffet would want in an investment.. he is just too banal to consider its revolutionizing trade.

aerodynamism, better for avoiding FUD and FOMO