10k Battie here, we’re getting that commercial tonight. Bye bye, us bat boys will be on the moon tonight

10k Battie here, we’re getting that commercial tonight. Bye bye, us bat boys will be on the moon tonight.

where the fuck did this rumor come from

BAT can never go above 1$, it defeats the purpose of the coin.

It might even be a viable product, but the token itself is pointless. It's a centralized service, it's no use to make it blockchain related.
I hate projects like that, they're just exploiting the ICO meme to get easy money.

I talked to Sampson himself Bro beans

The superbowl meme is a weird FUD, no such thing has ever been stated and it would be totally against the style of the team and token.

I can tell you haven't read the whitepaper because what you're claiming is straight up wrong

it will crash instead. sorry.

Anyways this is a stupid fucking rumor and I say this as BAT holder. Wait until Brave is polished and ready to go first

There is absolutely 0 chance of a Super Bowl ad, goes against everything the project is about.

This is just blatantly false. The whole premise of Brave’s advertising model relies on BAT to be a worthwhile browser currency. The incentive to turn your Adblock shields off is that you will accumulate BAT by doing so. This incentivizes advertisers because they will have real metrics of people giving their actual attention to their advertisements.

People won’t want to turn the Adblock shields off unless there’s something in it for them. That’s where BAT comes in. People won’t want BAT if it’s worthless. Publishers won’t want BAT if it’s worthless. The whole model RELIES on BAT being worth something.

>but you could just use USD/Ether/BTC for this instead!

Brendan Eich has explained why the project needed their own currency. The token’s value needs to be linked to Brave. There are obvious reasons why fiat can’t be used, but in terms of ETH/BTC, if their value drops or moons because of something completely unrelated to Brave, that would affect the project. There are a lot more reasons obviously, but BAT allows the project to accomplish its new advertising model in a way that’s exclusive to the project. You’re jaded from scammy ICO’s, but Brave/BAT is about the furthest thing from that, and you’re ignorant about the project if you think otherwise.

No, they needed to use BAT to create a user growth pool. This wouldn't be possible with USD, BTC, or ETH.

Except the value of BAT will swing just as much. How well do they think it will go over with youtube viewing normies to find the BAT they bought yesterday is now worth half as much because some PnD group dumped on it?

This is a dumb argument because I could also say:
>How well do they think it will go over with youtube viewing normies to find the BAT they bought yesterday is now worth twice as much because more people purchased it?

There are still a lot of questions I have about BAT but the fact that it’s going to be used as an actual internet currency should warrant a lot more attention than it has been getting. I realize Brave won’t be marketed until it’s more of a finished project but BAT’s potential is huge. Imagine if Chrome had a cryptocurrency built into the browser? Think of all the uses it would have, that shit would be priceless. Brave’s potential is enormous.

As a BAT holder...no. The team hasn't advertised shit because they're still working on the actual product. You think they're going all out on a Superbowl ad? Their roadmap already states that the heavy marketing will come when Brave reaches ~7million users per month. Brendan just tweeted the other day that they were around 2 million, aiming for 5 million EOY.

This, why on earth advertise a product that currently is barely a quarter ready.


Where the fuck did this rumor come from? If the answer is "/biz" then y'all who think this is actually gonna happen are fucking dumb.

Enjoy your Brower faucet fag

I've got about 300k BAT and desperately need some good news soon.

But that's a problem. Who is going to donate their BAT if the value is going to double? What advertising agency is going to give away millions of BAT when they are going to have to buy it back at twice the value when they want another commercial?

how the fuck can youi have 300k yet be so damn clueless at the same time? Advertiser payments are denominated in fiat aka the BAT price is arbitrary. They'll pay the same price either way

I feel so dumb buying 1k BAT at 60 cents, but I think I'm about to buy another 1k.

who the fuck is talking about commercials? I can't even argue with you because I don't think you even know what you own

Don't know about BAT, but isn't there a litepay commerical?

I thought there’s actually supposed to be a Coinbase commercial but maybe it was just a troll. The dumb guy on a yacht or whatever.

Yeah I think you're right. The litepay thing appears to be only a leddit idea.

So let's say I'm an advertiser and I buy 1 million tokens at $.50 each. That's a $500,000 investment. These tokens will be given to people who view my advertisements.

Tomorrow the price of BAT rises to $1.00 and I have already given away 500,000 tokens, a full half of my supply of tokens, to people who saw my ads. Those 500,000 tokens are now worth $1 million. Why would I give away my other 500,000 tokens when they could be worth double their amount in a short amount of time?

From the fact somebody bought air time.

Kek, why are people still talking about BAT, the price being over $1 would completely defeat the purpose of the token. They literally state this about 5 times in their whitepaper. Anyone who tries to make money off this is a delusional brainlet.

13k’er here but the ad isn’t happening. Maybe for Superb Owl LIII

The advertiser isn’t the entity that is buying tokens and paying them out to people that view the ads.

Honestly just Google BAT and watch Brendan explain it, then read about it in the white papers. You’re very confused with how this works.

So everyone here clearly uses the Brave browser right?

This is a lie and you are a fuckhead

I already have. I've got over $100k invested in this project. Can you just engage with me like a fucking adult?

The tokens are inherently deflationary which is a problem.

>The advertiser isn’t the entity that is buying tokens and paying them out to people that view the ads.
Then who pays out the tokens to consumers?

Yes, long before BAT came on the scene.


Look man, I guarantee you the BAT and Brave team have thought about the issue of volatility and how to best deal with it.

I worked in digital advertising. Almost none of my clients prepaid the entire ad campaign up front. What the clients actually do is sign a contract saying I want X amount of impressions at $X CPM. For Brave ads, this means they could contract with Brave saying they want 1,000 hypertargeted impressions at $15 CPM. As soon as Brave delivers the impressions, they bill the advertiser in fiat.

They are many ways to arrange an ad campaign and almost none of them require upfront payment for the entire campaign. Brave has obviously planned how to approach this otherwise I highly doubt Brendan would even pursue this project.