Elastos ELA - Why are you not accumulating

Only thing with green dildos in this sea of red and price is still up 15% after bitcoin shit the bed again. Why are you not in yet?

Key info:

Who are Elastos backers/partners?

>Foxconn (world’s largest electronics manufacturer) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxconn: Elastos received a $31 million sponsorship from Foxconn group for R&D medium.com/@elastos/an-introduction-to-elastos-fd9af7ac1f3b
>SAIC Motor (China’s largest auto manufacturer) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAIC_Motor: SAIC motor has officially partnered with Elastos to use Elastos’ blockchain technology in the development of autonomous driving technology/smart cars. Confirmation with news link from Elastos team: twitter.com/fayliela/status/957350736362323968. The smart car market is projected to be worth trillions of dollars in China within the next 5 years markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/china-is-preparing-for-a-trillion-dollar-autonomous-driving-revolution-2017-12-1011473377
>AVIC (Chinese state owned aerospace/defense company, Fortune 500 company) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_Industry_Corporation_of_China: twitter.com/fayliela/status/956738527210889216, twitter.com/fayliela/status/955318127843205120, twitter.com/fayliela/status/956776278115344385
>Alibaba and Huawei: nbc-2.com/story/37401108/the-global-listing-of-elastos-chinas-ambitious-blockchain-project
>A soon to be named huge gaming company: twitter.com/fayliela/status/959909521756848128
>Zapya (400 million users, p2p file sharing app): Zapya agrees to build on top of Elastos twitter.com/fayliela/status/939068214411067392

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What is G3?
>Da Hongfei of NEO and Jihan Wu of Bitmain are both early investors and advisors to Elastos. Jihan Wu has committed to redirecting hashing power from Bitcoin mining to Elastos. G3 is a co-operation between NEO, Elastos and Bitmain who share a vision of a decentralized economy and smart web. Key features of the smart web include the virtual machine, runtime environments and trust zone, provided by Elastos and Bitmain, consensus provided by NEO and KYC provided by Ontology.
>G3 is meant to cooperate with Chinese government regulations and considering two of the leading figures of Chinese blockchain are involved (Jihan Wu and Da Hongfei), the likelihood that these projects will greatly succeed when the Chinese adopt crypto-friendly regulations is very, very high. China appears poised to change their cryptocurrency regulations soon: news.8btc.com/chinese-scholar-china-to-release-new-policy-on-cryptocurrency-and-ico-in-2018

bought 15 yesterday. already up 15%

How is the ELA token used?

ELA tokens have a low coin supply, only 33 million in total will ever exist. ELA will be a staking token in later 2018. ELA holders will receive airdrops of all coins created on the Elastos ecosystem which they refer to as ‘sugar dividends’, there are more details to be released on this but further reading can be found in the white paper as well as: twitter.com/fayliela/status/959909521756848128, medium.com/@elastos/ecosystem-collaboration-governance-reward-mechanism-690d1adf331b

Any tokens generated on Elastos will be required to lock 2-5% of their total token supply in ELA. This is huge considering dApps by companies as massive as Zapya (400m users), Huawei, Alibaba, and the unnamed massive gaming company (as well as more to come which has been hinted at many times by Elastos team) will need to generate their own tokens on Elastos or utilize ELA for transaction fees and creating digital assets on the Elastos blockchain.


A very, VERY in depth analysis of Elastos: steemit.com/elastos/@xiaojin/the-most-in-depth-analysis-in-the-elastos-history-of-the-2018-coinage



>Also staking will be implemented in late 2018 and holders will be rewarded dividends of smart contracts created using elastos

If it drops to 0.065 or below again in buying 5 eth worth all in

lol i am currently all in on this, comfortably watching everything else go up in flames

>half a billion marketcap
>during a massive bear market


also not touching anything thats only being traded on fucking houbi

Nigger this is literally the next antshares, the CEO of NEO is on the team. Antshares had the same mcap at 7 or 8 bucks a piece. This technology is worth a few billion mcap and the fact BTC is the lowest its been since this has hit the market and it's still up over 15% is telling

Already has a 2 billion marketcap...no thanks

This looked good until Veeky Forums started shilling it

>pulling numbers out of your asshole
it looks even better, price reflects that. Sure glad I sold all my VEN (750) for this and got in at $50. VEN is lower than what I sold it for and the ROI on this shit is already ridiculous

>this is literally the next antshares

if i had a bitbean for everytime i heard that sentence before

how many you got?

Why didn't I buy more?

There's a reason everyone is saying it's big and telling you to dyor. Lazy fucks are going to miss out

Around 80
Helps when the coin is literally backed by insane corporate/blockchain partnerships and is trying to be the next Ethereum with monetized dApps and an Internet as well as an offline VM OS. What this thing is trying to do is absolutely next level

I am up 70% with this, during one of the worst crashes ever. I am so grateful I found this and researched it, thanks based anons that made me aware.

alright how the fuck do USA residents buy?

toggle language to english on huobi. burgers can sign up and use it.
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