Please tell me I'm not the only one still bagholding this shit?

Please tell me I'm not the only one still bagholding this shit?

You're not. Be patient.

Yes. All the other pajeets are gone.

I have 28k DBC. I remain confident it will 10x soon.

Still? Isn't it only a few months old? Holy shit just be patient.

Where to buy other than Kucoin?

Almost down to where I bought in, but I'm still holding

Yup still holding here. Now it's a matter of patience.

down 70% because of it

yeah why don't you sell it right now you dumbass? Every shitcoin is crashing right now thanks to btc


Man, these bags are becoming heavier by the day

felt hard for the meme, holding until i dont know when.

People will not let random people on the internet execute arbitrary code on their computers . Shit is just not gonna happen .

Lost 70% ? Time to buy I guess

Just wait until Huobi competition sir...

it okay sir we are all hodl togethr sir very great communty with brainchain sir braingang braingang pls do not sell sir u will regre

As soon as you dig a little you can see this is a Chinese pnd scam. Everything says scam, even a tweet by the CEO showing a shitty micky mouse toy didn't pump the price a penny. NEO conference that everyone was screaming 1$ end of month about came and went. This coin is BTC's bitch, just like REQ.

i sold all my dbc for link, sorry.

Still holding DBC, gonna get JUSTED until the end of the millenium until its rises to half its ATH in 15 years. We got gooked Veeky Forums FUCK CHINKS.

Is the coin doing poorly? Yes. It's not a PnD scam though. Tokens for the developers are actually locked for 6 months, so I expect it to recover a bit

I will be by your side. Iron hands, brother.