Why we crashing now ??

i don't understand, we are at 400M mkt cap, all normies vanished from the market already, who keeps selling ? is it you biz /

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i meant 400B

Yes, it's me.

Selling my next stack of 50k btc soon, user.




Stop asking this stupid question.

btc 100$ eom

It's me, I sold 400b in btc and dumped the mcap from 800 to 400

When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when Oprah becomes POTUS. Then ATH will return, and not before.

We are crashing so the institutional investors can buy up cheap btc for later this year when they enter it with real money not just by futures. And marketcap has nothing to do with anything. It’s just the sum of all market caps combined. Btc usd value drops all other shitcoins also drop because all have btc pairs

later this year means when ?

>mfw I find out they're only six years older than me

They may be rich but they are aging terribly


Read it

Whales are crashing the market to poach coins from weak hands.

Stay strong user and HOLD!!!!

LMFAO you faggot trump has another 7 years to round up the nigs

This is now a Hodl thread show me your hodl face if you have any plans of ever fucking making it

I just dumped 7000BTC on Bittrex. Sorry brahs, nothing personal. Will dump all my reserve till its Price goes down to 1k

Just buy
Lightning network
bitcoin cash

user for some of us this is our only hope, stop joking

ast will be involved, but none of u fuckers will talk about that, only gayasspyramids