Tfw have an idea for a coin that would almost certainly make me a millionaire several times over

>tfw have an idea for a coin that would almost certainly make me a millionaire several times over
>can't program
>can't pay someone else to program for me
>can't organise


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I can program op, you better tell me so that it doesn't go to waste ;)

If it’s blockchain lettuce and perishable salad produce, you’re too late. Penis.

I do too actually.

No, I work at an investment bank, it's a solid idea. This isn't your average Pajeet dumb nigger "lets put time" on the blockchain shit.
It's a complicated concept.

>idea guy
You're fucked either way. If it's a bad idea, you'll waste time and money developing useless shit. If it's a good idea, a team of trained chinks will make their own coin that will do the same thing ten times better

Oh fuck me, it’s a complicated concept? Sounds great. I take it back, in ten years time people will be measuring gains using the first three letters of your last name. Let me code for you for free.

SeeI understand the whole "make me the next Facebook bro" thing

I'm obviously not going to tell you, because you would unironically steal it.
Let's just say it's something of a replica that exists in traditional markets that hasn't been implemented in this new world we find ourselves in

>I work at an investment bank
As a Janitor?

If your idea stands up to scrutiny, do it. Don’t make excuses, red team the idea through someone you trust. Make them sign an NDA. If they can’t put you off, then pull the trigger. Worst case, you fail. Isn’t that better than not trying?

I am a software engineer.

Ok, that's great... but realistically, to get a coin off the ground now you likely need insane marketing, web design folk, a team of engineers, etc.
Which is kind of a problem since I am 100% certain that someone else is going to create it eventually.

IB can mean anything from BB buy side to 4-man botique "advisory." Chances are this fags idea has something to do with M&A bridge loans.

Is it escrow service to allow anons to purchase goods or services with crypto and the exchange handles the fiat transaction?

I thought the same thing OP and I was thinking to myself, why wouldn't a traditional company use the blockhain to do an ICO to raise capital?

And then I saw some shitheads took that idea and applied it to gold and gold mining in the form of moria tokens with the form of eth dividends.

But the again I'm poor as fuck and couldn't get enough eth to leverage like that

Heh, watch this:
>be actual programmer
>have TA tactic that works 85% of the time
>can't be bothered to learn Pine or make a bot

Hire pajeets.



>works 85% of the time

Fuck no. I once hired one for something simple and the headache it caused me made me a racist.

I know how to code (coding since 6/7 years old), with a BA in Business/finance.

If you're in NY, help me get a job in IB. I'll scratch your back in you scratch mine.

t. Leaf that lives in NY and can't get an IB job cause he went to school in leafland

>he's only interested in complaining
Wouldn't join this guy's team.

I live in London
I wouldn't hire you

your idea is probably shit anyways

Having an idea that is complicated but you cant program it yourself is textbook /g/ rage inducer. We hate telling you chucklefucks why your idea is unviable but you'll never get it because you couldnt make a library app for a preschool

>inb4 OP is actually just data mining good ideas to create a shitcoin ico

No, it's doable. It's not some far fetched bullshit pipe dream. It really is a case of me not being organised, and not knowing where to start.

No scam ICOs don't make much anyway. 50k for all that work and risk? Pft

You have to go back Rasheem

software eng reporting in. no idea is so good that someone will steal it based on your elevator pitch

Just ask the twins

Ideas are cheap, it’s the execution that matters

OS Engineer here, 10 years software experience.

OP def smells like a retarded pajeet. He doesn't realize ideas like his are a dime a dozen. We get idea yards every day. That's the easiest part.

OP, if you're not good at any of the skills you listed, you should just shut the fuck up. Otherwise you're just my retarded uncle with an idea for the next Facebook. Fuck off.

Daily reminder that Zuckerberg did literally nothing wrong when he kiked the Winklevoss twins.

I hate "idea guys" so fucking much


If you read the thread I said that
Read the fucking thread you stupid motherfucker
I said that
Retard didn't read the thread

why are you complaining if you keep refusing offers? better yet why are you on this board complaining? you're cutting yourself with a knife and when people offer you a bandage, you deny it. fuck off back to plebbit.

Read it, just didn't care. Your autistic tantrum just pissed me off that bad.

Sounds like you're the one having the autistic tantrum

I hve a hard time believing you can understand this tech well enough to have an actual viable good idea while simultaniously not be able to code...

How can you even judge if it is technologically possible to execute if you cant even code?

Post proof you're white and I'll throw you a bone.

submit your project to starbase. you will get funding and a team together. they launch the platform soon so you can ride the hype off that. nips love crypto so you will get lots of interest.

Because it works in traditional markets and would work in crypto. In fact, it would work better. Its definitely possible, but it would require a team and investors, etc, like I said.

consensys has an office in london. they can code for you.

I'm half-white but hate shitskins all the skin.

>Implying any respectable VC would fund into a NEET with an idea

That easy money is gone senpai. Gotta have a product to get seeded

>tfw have an idea that solves the oracle problem but dont know how to parse json

all the same*

This 1000x


>can make millions
>only obstacle is learning programming
um user i


Well it's not just that. It's a whole lot of legwork and time

Lmfao I guarantee you someone else is working on your idea right now. You're not that special

doesnt have to be respectable, nor a VC. starbase facilitates every-man investing. so anyone can plop some coins into a promising idea. if this guys idea is as good as he thinks it is he can get funding and vetted team members.

Read the thread. I said exactly this. Dumb fuck

You're a disgusting piece of shit. Self haters are the worst

>How to devalue your product before launch: The guaranteed method

Then stop being a retard and tell us what it is?

give us "your" idea user.

looks like you dont have a whole lot of alternatives. you want to be rich but cant do the legwork.


I don't hate myself, cur.

Living in NYC however, I've come to develop a hatred for dindus, and pajeets. You'd probably hate them too if you lived here.

web design and marketing fag here. lets do it

I’ll program for you user. I’m taking half equity though. I have a lot of experience in solidity and JavaScript as well as other languages obviously.

>owning an idea

pathetic piece of shit, you deserve to stay poor

lmfao. Every time someone thinks he has an idea that people would steal I can guarantee you 100% it's fucking shit. And you should feel fucking bad for being the 'idea guy'. Nobody needs idea guys. Everybody has ideas. You're not special.

>tfw no bones

I have an idea for a movie that will be the greatest movie of all time. Only problem is I’m not a screenwriter / director.

I just need someone to write / make the movie for me. If someone can do this I’ll give you 10% of the profits. But my name will be on all the credits since it’s my idea.

Guaranteed to win every Oscar.

yep, the ideas of people who don't know how to start companies, build teams, market, or build a product are usually really great right

Do an ICO, E20 TOKEN, When you get the cash start doing the product.

I see what you tried to do but it's not really the same, is it? I haven't proposed such a thing

Read the thread.

so you have the next big idea but yet you have nothing


>I'm an ideas guy


All you're doing is saying 'no' over and over to everyone trying to guess. It's adorable how you think you're so special.

Just learn to program. It's really not as hard as you think it is.

OP I can guarantee you your idea is worthless. You sound like a shitty client any decent freelancer will avoid you like the plague.

Learn to program, do the work yourself, then at least when your idea fails you will have skills and experience to make something less shit.

What are you trying to get from this thread? You've posted that you had a problem and you've turned down all solutions/offers. Are you just here to complain and get sympathy?
These fags are releasing some software that generates the code for your ICO right after their ICO.
Then you make an ICO, gather $ and hire programmers.
There you go faggot OP, now let's see you take action

me too can confirm!

> It's a complicated concept.
9 times out of 10 the “complicated system” is only there to hide the ponzi underneath

presenting HomelessCoin

ten toes down on the block.. chain

homeless people are typically shoo'd away as the person does not have cash to give them. this is no longer a problem, as you can now scan the QR code on the unwashed sign around their neck. they can transfer these funds out of their wallets by accessing their home computer (aka a public library) and request prepaid visa cards.

we can force market adoption by homeless people becoming increasingly violent and destroying personal property in the event that people do not have HomelessCoin.

Heh, that was one of my worries. Really to strip it down to the core it made me question some things. But if it's a ponzi, then how it exists in traditional markets is a ponzi aswe... oh

Before it crashes sell back into Tether, ETH, or BTC and buy back in when the market is good or you will lose it all.
>trust me

Maybe you should learn to program, get know some programmers, or learn to organize?

Bros while we're at it I've got a great idea for a crypto. Its called shinty charizard tether or SCT.

It's the only blockchain token thats backed up 1:1 with original base set shiny charizard cards.

Just a thread. Maybe someone says something and I go from there, maybe learn something new. No particular aim, really.

Yeah, well I feel the market must be saturated with shit now. Bigger fish than me.

Is it something that got introduced in Finance the last 40 years?

>Tfw you have a working product and you are preparing an ico launch by eoy.
Feels good man

JUST been going through the basics of this myself man, also in London. Wouldn't mind creating some sort of weekly or monthly gathering to figure out how things are going and share resources/ideas. I'm an old fag computer man and my wife is a lawyer trained in corporate finance, but yet it's still difficult. Maybe email my dodgy address [email protected] and we can work something out.