Is it dead?

Is it dead?
Down 80% from ATH

maybe buy in so it goes up

With that colour of blue and slick logo, are you high? $2 by end of first q

Your like a little journalist aren't you? So very cute.

Its not dead, i coinfess that i contribute to the FUD threads because getting cheap bags off the teens that think they know what theyre doing here is the easiest way to make gains. Long term HODL but if their mainnet goes well ..retire. If their mainnet goes bad, jump off this train like it was about to derail

I'm going to keep on buying. REQ is not a shitcoin, has biweekly updates and continuous development. What is there to worry about.

Yes it's dead, dump your bags.

Likelihood it hits .25? Trying to increase my stack

Meh, it's pretty obvious it's dead. It doesn't even crash with the market. It's just regular crashing despite updates, etc..

The taxes from using this thing will be a nightmare to keep track of. "Here's the .3 SUX I used to buy a soda. I had 20% gains of the SUX from a trade of $3000 WTH bought Oct 14th....

.....heres the .8 OMG I used to buy a shirt. I had 5% loss from a gain of 13% NYC I bought...."

Get real.

This is good FUD, but REQ does all that for you with the taxes, almost like using a debit card

Sold my BNTY and TRX to get a little more of REQ. So far I got 11.3K REQ. But let's be honest, selling at $1 and buying now would've been the most inteligent move, and most of us didn't do that.

>this is the reality burgers have to live in

meanwhile pic related for the rest of the world

>does the taxes for you

Ok, I bought 10,000$ of BTC at $800 June 1st, 2009. Sold half of it for OMG August 9th, 2014. Bought 100$ worth of ETH on Dec 3rd, 2016 and used .03 of that ETH to buy popcorn.

Explain to me how REQ handles that. I'm curious.

In this I bought the ETH by trading OMG, forgot to 1st that.

I remember a couple weeks ago when some asshole said "REQ under 80 cents is a steal. And then I bought REQ.

It was not a steal

it will be

How many of you would use your finger to scrape dead skin around your asshole and suck on it to get Req back at ATH?

Not me.

It's too bad we don't have computers or something to keep track of it all

REQ would be a 4.5x if it hit its ATH again
fundamentally its a stronger token than it was when it was at the ATH
worth the gamble?

it was a steal but not for you

If you haven't noticed, everything is dying atm

>buys coin when the marketcap of crypto is at ATH
>whole market takes one of the biggest dumps in history
>thinks he lost money because he bought REQ near ATH... nothing to do with btc obviously...

are you retarded?

bought at 21 cents, held through $1.17, never sold regretably, now strongly considering selling at .25 cents while everything is crashing and buying back in later

I wish this had more volume so I could swing more efficiently


Lol yup right there with you

Should i buy it now?

>Ok, I bought 10,000$ of BTC at $800 June 1st, 2009.
>Sold half of it for OMG August 9th, 2014.
that tax burden is on you
>Bought 100$ worth of ETH on Dec 3rd, 2016 and used .03 of that ETH to buy popcorn.
you'd enter all the purchase dates of the crypto you're going to use to pay requests with in the req app...

this isn't rocket science

.25 is the bottom, theres too much potential for it to go lower

Doom and despair.

Now is the time to buy.

Ok bought, i mean it's a solid project after all

>you'd enter all the purchase dates of the crypto you're going to use to pay requests with in the req app...

Seriously? And I take it i pay sales tax on top of that?

And then What? I keep it as a receipt to file with my capital gains tax?

That's a lot of work for a t-shirt.

I get the feel you want you dick sucked by this app too, along with a yacht and super models.

Nah, just trying to understand how every transaction would go. Sounds like a lot of work to me. Not only at the time of purchase but also later in the year for taxes.

I just don't see how people think this will be PayPal 2.0. There's 1 step forget with PayPal. You don't need to "prepare" before making a PayPal purchase or keep paperwork separate after for end of year taxes. You just buy the thing and that's it.

Seems like holders don't talk much about the step by step use of it and the implications of it. They just say "pay with crypto! PayPal 2.0!"


If you think that you never red fucking white papers.



I'm THIS close to fucking marketsell this coin. I've experienced the entire ride up from $0.10 to $1.27 and then plummet to $0.27.

I can't take it anymore. I want to sell it all. Please tell me (With actual reasoning) that it's going back up. This is not FUD. This is genuine concern.


You seem pretty upset about it.

It ain't my fault it won't work as easily as advertised.

The thing is, REQ will never stay above $0.30. If anyone remembers like 2-3 months ago, it was stuck at $0.30 for the longest time. This is just a correction back down to where it truly deserves to be: Sub 30 cents.

why didn't you sell at 1,27

2 months ago REQ was $.09 and 3 months ago it was $.04. neck yourself retard.

Thinking of dumping $1000 now into REQ. Talk me out of it

fine ill take my green ID elsewhere

It's one of the surest bets in crypto.