Why aren't you fags stocking up on this right now?

Why aren't you fags stocking up on this right now?

why should I...? how high can this shit coin even go?

Fuck em op. They don.t understant the mid term investment.they want to be rich overnight. Fuck you weak hands don.t mess wih my stratis.

You can keep it, faggot. No one wants this vaporware trash.

why is it vaporware?

You are like the guys that were throwing fud to eth in 2016 .

But I am!

Where is breeze wallet with tumblebit that was promised more than 6 months ago?

What the fuck.

Listen retard, just because someone FUD's your coin...DOESN't make it relatable to the Eth phenomenon that happened in 2016.

Don't insult Ethereum by comparing it to your shitcoin.

The only project that comes close to the FUD/revolutionary levels of ETH is unironically ChainLink. No other coin besides ETH itself has come close to the praise and FUD of it. It's ACTUALLY revolutionary, unlike shitus.


what is so good about stratis? its just yet another shitcoin that does nothing special

It just announced partnerships with a Sillicon Valley startup and a logistical company that has dealt with major Fortune 500 corporations. It's not vapor ware, it's a top 5 coin.

I am. Free fukken money

delet this comment, I made a 10 min research and literally went all in

>daquan wtf
>did you read what you wrote
>announced some sort of partnership with a company that dealt with some fortune 500 in the past

Because ODN has a better logo and is generally cooler.

Ok but ODN is cheaper and a fork of stratis but with improvements. You backed the old nag and ignored its prize horse offspring.

Because hype (not news) does fuck all to it. Everytime that I put money into it that has nothing to do with the market itself, it goes down despite buying the rumors. Too many long term HODLers make swings less severe as well.

I've had better success with Factom as my short term, low risk, whole crypto market swing investment. When it goes to $20 or $30, you're guaranteed to make at least x2 on the upswing, if not more.

Stratus has less of an upswing, and its movements seem more random, so I gave up on it. Fuck Stratus.

yet another spear chucker coin

2 icos , alot of use case ,. Vapourwave

Stay stupid Veeky Forums

How can you be this retarded. I bought in November for 3$ sold in December for 12. Bought in January for 14 sold for 22. Really good for swing trade. Please check your iq levels