BCH welcome to the new era

a reminder that the BCH flippening is coming & this is coming from a BTC advocate. Look at the gdax pair BCH/BTC

holy fuck lads it's actually happening
i didn't think this could happen until today

>literal scamcoin replaces king
What a strange timeline!

>it's a scam because I don't understand how bitcoin works

haha good one OP

>the original version of Bitcoin is the scam fork
oh what a brave new world

fuck core they suck banker cock

Lightning network
bitcoin cash



I once heard the argument that "Bitcoin Cash is like someone making a fake burger stand in front of the Burger King shop and claiming to be Burger King."

THE REALITY is this:

Bitcoin Core / Blockstream is the one who got into Burger King as new management, and faced with the ever growing demand for burgers; they decided to NOT increase the number of burgers being made, due to having only 1 kitchen, and they tell customers ordering burgers to get a salad instead, because its better for them... but they will have to wait for it...

Bitcoin Cash is the new restaurant across the road with all the workers from Burger King who left BK so they can continue making the same classic burgers people want, AND they increase the number of kitchens so they can make more burgers faster to keep up with the demand. Customers get the same classic full-sized burgers and quickly.

Meanwhile, the legacy "Burger King" shop with the new management, there people stand waiting in long lines to get their burgers AND as they finally get them, a janitor eats a huge chunk of the burger before the customer gets to hold it in his hands. People will eventually get tired of all that crap and switch to the other shop across the street.

>bitcoin goes up
>bch is a scam

>bitcoin goes down
>bch is the original


You are definitely murrican




Using your analogy it's more like BCH is the shop that opened across the street and added 7 kitchens to make more burgers because it was the easier solution.
The BTC Burger king knew that wasn't a sustainable solution and decided to work on ways to improve the kitchen they had.


>Using your analogy it's more like BCH is the shop that opened across the street and added 7 kitchens to make more burgers because it was the easier solution.
Yes, my communist comrade. More work is the easier solution. Work is unsustainable. We must simply do nothing and wait for the power of communism to fix our problems. If people want more burgers it is our duty to ensure they don't get them. Comrades Unite!

Don't even try. 99% of the people here think centralization is good and think increasing blocksize means scalability. They are slaves to the system that could careless about real technical innovation because it's difficult.

Do you define centralization as meaning that only people who purchase hardware that is efficient enough to facilitate global commerce over a blockchain will be allowed to be full nodes? That's like saying the mining industry is centralized because you cannot compete if you go out and buy a pickaxe. You're advocating that those capable of creating global commerce through a blockchain be stopped by little fags who want to run full nodes on their desktop just because you want to run a full node. Why should the entire blockchain be stunted by people like you who don't have the hardware required to help the network be adopted globally. It makes no sense. You literally advocate for the centralization of the Bitcoin protocol to bar people with industrial computers from doing their part and then say your opponents are the centralizers. It makes no sense.


btc merchant adoption is shrinking bch adoption is growing
there is not a single reason to cap blocks at 1mb (non mining nodes do nothing)
segwit destroys the mining nash equilibrium incentivising the collusion of miners to change the UTXO without owners signatures. You can only trust jihan and roger to not be doing this right now.
why introduce segwit before a blocksize increase when lightning network requires 133mb as specified in the lightning network whitepaper
why introduce segwit at all when it is not necessary for second layer solutions
lightning network will not be decentralized because to solve the routing problem would be to solve the P=NP problem (a millenium prize problem)
why would anyone want lightning network when it is not a decentralised ledger? the whole point of bitcoin is to scale on chain as that is what makes decentralised uncensorable money which can free all the people in the world from the financial repression of central banks

>he thinks BCH is more centralized than BTC

this is unironically my favorite analogy for anything now, and i'm not even a burger

>not a sustainable solution
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