Definitely Going to 100k This Year

Apologize to Gandalf the Great!

Sure, go ahead and trust someone who cant even grow hair

Does Jeff Bezos worth any less because he has no hair?

And Stone Cold Steve Austin?

And Casper?

When is his next report?

>trusting a flat earth fag


And Mr.Clean?

According to Clif we'll be at war with Aliens in 6 months.

That's not a joke, he actually believes that

He is a disgrace a white man isn't belong in a kitchen

Yeah, he must have done text mining on Veeky Forums KEK

>Flat Earther
I just like him to focus on this Earth matter

This may not be as far-fetched as it sounds… This time last year bitcoin was about $1000 and it spiked up to 20,000 by the end of the year… If the coin Falls now to say 2 to 3000 and then stabilized back around 5000 a 20x by year end is Possible if something regenerates interest in bitcoin...Not saying it’s going to happen but it’s a possibility nonetheless

Don't trust the following names: Tyrone, Trayvon, Trevon, Travon, Trone, Travan

What do they have in common?

Of course people on Veeky Forums would believe this kook

He's not a flat-earther and essentially calls them idiots.

this is literally the only reason I'm not hanging myself yet

halfpasthuman is nonsense, just read their retarded "predictions" from 2009 (pdf files):

Clif has admitted that his data gets more finely tuned with each passing year and that his early years had extreme amounts of vagueness that you couldn't tell what it was trying to say.

Skin color and smell

Guys don’t forget, if BTC doesn’t go to 1mil by the end of the year, McCafee is going to literally eat his own cock



I can dream can't I?

His model isn't the only one bullish on bitcoin

Buy the dip phaggots

This is already incorrect

Don't forget uncollected child support bills