Coins that will die before Summer

Bitcoin Cash

just list them all

it's ogre



Otherwise true but Litecoin will go to 5k EOY.

Why steem?


Every single one will never reach their January ATHs ever again

Good choice.

Add ICX to that list

now we know why Charlie Lee sold out

Coinbase Coin is worthless.

Starting to wonder if Vechain is the only crypto worth shit.

The lightning network will make it redundant.

Kin. I own 40k kin. Rip

He turned out to be a freaking genius.

Vechain will die (read: drop below $0.01) by April
Screen cap this

Tfw you put 10k in verve because of shilling on biz back when it was. 20 cents

I hope who Evers bags I brought is enjoying their life right now. Thank God I decided to not take out a 2nd mortgage, I was originally going to buy a 100k worth but decided to go against it.

if you don't realize why the founder of one of the major coins sold everything then you are a complete mark


this shit has to go


lmao you think Iota is going to die, its one of the most legit projects

Agree with that list minus Steem and Doge.

verge, tron, metal, and iota are 100% dying

Yep. Another one that had its 15 minutes of fame. Bitcoin and Monero might be the only coins that survive.

No link? Is it because it already died?

no, but you appear to be braindead

cash 20k 4th quarter