Calling out all old bizbrahs who made it

please be kind and give me some advice

im all in on this shit and its fucking diving. ath 12$ at over 4.8b cap

now its at 4$

will it ever see ath again?

hold for a few months and maybe it will
best i can give you

sell 50% for VEN
sell 10% for CPC
sell 10% for WAN when it releases

Perfect 2018 portfolio.

The entire market is in the shitter, step back at look at all the coins.

ADA was 1.2$, XLM was 0.8$, NEO was at 160 or something, EOS was almost 20$ etc etc

It's all taken a huge beating. Just wait it out, there's no point in selling right now at the shitties moment

>will it ever see ath again?
in 2-3 years

You weren't here to see antshares go from $12 to $3 m8, and that wasn't even during a bear market, that was from a correction. Just hold and buy more if it goes lower.

It was pumped out ico because of mainnet release eoy. Delayed and traded sideways for whole month then everyone dumped because its just another overhyped vaporware. And you actually think this is ever gonna reach top 10 ever again?

ICX is the biggest loser in the market in the past few days following the renewal of the crash, but I'm not worried at this point, for a number of reasons
1. ICON is still super fundamentally sound. The billion dollar partnerships and government support have not gone anywhere, and the summit went well from a fundamentals standpoint.
2. Other fundamentally strong projects are falling significantly as well, and are near ICON at the top of the "losers" list on CMC. Coins like Waltonchain, VeChain, Stratis, 0x. This tells me that, if you could consider fundamentally strong coins as a "sector" of the market, the whole sector is doing poorly, so it's not just ICON, further pointing to the fact that there has been no real negative changes with ICON if you ignore the inane fluctuations of the price action.
3. Whales are buying ICON right now rather than selling. All of the largest market orders are buys, not sells. This tells me that smart money agrees with me and that the dip is just caused by the "news" event being overhyped as per usual and dumb money that FOMO'd panic selling.

tl;dr: Double down on the most fundamentally sound crypto project on the market and be handsomely rewarded within the next month or two.

Do you even know what it mean?

Only thing worth doing is rebalancing to better projects.

They are out there. Find something that's us actually going to make money this year, or has real world partners.

Cashed out my ICO stack for nearly a mil near the top, thanks for holding my bags cucks hope they don't get too heavy.

Dude, they only made it because they got lucky.
Most coins had a marketcap below 300 million.

Enjoy taxes skank.

If you sell now you’re retarded. All I’m saying. Best thing to do is put fiat into other coins for the time being and wait this one out. Selling would be disastrous now. I bought at $2, so I’m not really freaking out.

Anyone who was retarded enough to buy this after it literally went 100x from ICO which was only a few months ago is a literal retard and deserves to lose all of their money. Easiest mil
of my life, thanks dumb normie money. Please kys.

This is the despair stage. If you live through this then you are gonna make it

I cashed out my ICO stack around the time of the summit OP.

My advice is to hold now because I actually do plan on buying back in in March. But that'll be for a while. It's completely up to you until then.

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I cannot argue with this. It was overpriced. I am considering making some buys soon, but I don't own it yet. There is only one coin 100x undervalued right now and if you are not lazy you already know what it is and have been accumulating.

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fuck no only real world massive insider partnerships.