How realistic is x10?

It seems like cardano is one to stay, good technology, and a good longtime hold. Regarding prices what do you think is possible?

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Over which time frame? Short term, no. Long term, sure why not.

2020, if they still exist


1 year

until it's 0

With that type of circulating supply? $2 max. and that's if Vitalik gets hit by a train

It has reached $1.33 ath already, and I think it can at least reach that again

Yes, that's under $2, so I would have to agree.

There are too many variables to give a long term estimate, even one year - or at least I'm too dumb to do so or trust any that's out there. But this Cardano aims at a huge market, which I think is still only in its infancy, and the team has more credentials than a lot of competitors, so I think it's likely that Cardano will still be there in a year, and probably at a higher valuation, but that's as far as we can go regarding predictions really.

don't forget they just took dan larimers tech develpoment and made it worse.. all hype is lost once EOSIO goes live

Why does this weirdo have such a cult following?

Not realistic at all considering ETH has so much industry and technological backing. They are so ahead of the game that it won't even matter if Cardano is superior in every way. ETH is just a house hold name at this point and there is no stopping this train short of some major bug in their contracts or coding for their blockchain.

A 10x may happen at some point next year. No need to run and buy now: this price will under 10 cents for sure.

>ETH is just a house hold name at this point
I think that's an overstatement. But we shouldn't root for Ethereum to be the only player in the game, competition is good.

because of steem and bitshares

in this game its all about network effects. why do you hear this so much recently? because network effect make it very hard to switch from one technology, one platform, to the next, because its hard to establish them in the first place. bitcoin is only now loosing its dominant power. before eth comes into power and its power wanes we are talking about 5-10 years horizon at least.

coins willswitch platforms, cardano will be faster and more secure than eth in 2019

Cardano will run Solidity

i don't get why they don't just compile down to LLVM. Solidity is complete shit, and has more bugs than C, which is a fucking accomplishment in itself

probably the same time india will be superpower nation full of non street shitters.

as i said earlier you are deluding yourself.
eth will likely continue to evolve over time. even if ada runs solidity switching takes time, ada needs to be way way way better to warrant the added cost of a switch. and the switch needs to be seamless for users, it likely wont be. ada needs to suck cock and make coffee for it to be a viable switch for eth. not to mention theres countless others competing tech out there.

Hoskinson destroyed Larimer publicly on social media, Larimer isn’t the genius he thinks he is

cardano is a shitcoin similar to TRX
long term I expect it to go to $0

Could actually be the next BTC. It's not going to happen overnight though, just like BTC didn't happen overnight. Very long term easy hold. I'd say x100 or even more WOULD BE possible if blockchain currencies are allowed to grow to a market cap appropriate to its technology's importance and utility.
But really x4 is about as much as you can realistically expect if you understand our government. The (((bankers))) and (((Trump))) will try to protect their wealth from it so we can most likely expect a hail of regulations and brutal taxations if not an outright ban. The populace will support it once the state paints cryptos as the "globalist" currency and right wing radio harpies swoop to the attack. They've stopped short of this but rest assured if push comes to shove it's their ace in the hole.

if this goes back to 10cents as when I first bought it, I'm going all in. I still regret I bought just couple k two months ago.

A lot of people make the mistake of comparing currencies relative to the current crypto market cap. In this climate, for a currency to grow, it needs to do so at the expense of another.
But barring government crackdowns (because muh terrorists n immigrants n money l0nderurs uzan da bitkoin) cryptos as a whole can grow to a cap in the trillions if not tens of trillions. In that case there will be plenty of room for a superior tech to become huge.

>marketcap $9.617.257.910 USD
>How realistic is x10?

M3 vs Cardano

What's so outlandish thinking that some day it might have a valuation similar to Ethereum's current one? If the past years have been any indication, it's not impossible. It's also far from a sure thing, but I don't think it's as retarded as you seem to think.

Fools just don't realize how much money there is in the world. They think 9 billion is some enormous amount when actually there's hundreds of thousands of billions left to go around.

Cardano 100$ each in 5 years max

>Why does this guy with a solid resume have such a cult following in a massively profitable market?

It's a mystery


Remember that most Adas are HODLed by a few Japs: if they see it mooning they will NEVER sell their stakes.

Seriously, if anything what we really need is massive FUD and a bloody crash.

>doing my own research is hard

fucking faggots dont even know what the fuck is going on, this is the worst ive ever seen this place.
ada/krw hmmm

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this shit coin is over valued as fuck. that is one expensive ass white paper.

>what is github?