Almost at my initial investment

>almost at my initial investment

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Next time remember to take some profit of mooned coins. This is a lesson.


I’m too fucking stubborn to sell

im closing in on mine as well. When will it stop Veeky Forums

literally how?

Initial investment: $800

current value: $373000

still sucks tho... I wanna be a millionaire again

Then what the fuck are you faggots waiting for? Sell already!

ill still be up until bitcoin goes to $700
its not going to $700 r-r-right anons

The lesson is that now we are all ready for the next year

We will cash out everything in 1° january 2019

not only is selling such a pain in the ass since my shit is on like 3 different wallets and 4 different exchanges, I would have to convert ALL to BTC and put all back into gemini and then sell

FUCK that

and im not tethering either

Should have cashed out and rebuy when it hits 2000

Lend me 5k?

I lost too much.

Please develop.

There won't be next time. It's over.

>Next time

nice meme

hindsight is 20/20

problem is, there's no actual way to tell when it will go up or down. Its basically a random walk that converges on some fundamental value that's a reflection of current info in the market. I wasn't surprised by a correction after that massive run up, but it could have easily kept going up to $40k, and I'd hate to take that hit to my fundamental valuation... its not as painful when the market values your assets less vs. when you make a trade that just straight up cuts into your pool of assets because it was a bad trade.

What do you mean? At the peak I was valued at about $1.2MM. Now I'm under $400k

how you take profits? After a coin moons you sell 60% of your stack. 40% you keep because you have hope that it 10 $ EOM, but the rest of the profits you lock in ETH or BTC and reinvest or transfer to coinbase to cash out. It's not hard.

Cryptos. The ride is over. What are your feelings? We had some fun times together, right?

I put 80% of my possessions into BTC and gotta say it wasn't really worth it.
Got a few nice memories with you guys and that cost me thousands.

>50% of my initial investment
was there a worse time to start crypto than in early January?

Im now $2k under my inital buy in

Thanks you fucking dirty kikes

I’m pretty sure we’ve reached the capitulation phase at this point

literally never

Same, I stopped giving shits though, its bound to rise again, sooner or later.. 1 month or some years, idgaf, life is going on

I took out my initial at ETHs ATH. Feels good.

>Be me
>Invest 1.5k into alts in April 2017
>Double my money in a week
>Think "Wow, this is too good to be true"
>In late November 2017, for fun check what my portfolio would have been worth
>See 30k, want to cry
>Take 5k and dump it into alts yet again
>Hop on just in time for the huge December rush
>See my stack grow to 40k in 2 weeks
>Actually get delusional and think I'm going to become a millionaire
>Continue to pump money in as the market starts to wind down
>Keep averaging down until I have 10k invested
>Eventually sell everything for 13.5k
>Buy 3 ETH today for $848 each
>Realize I'm an idiot and need to focus more on my career

To the person who told me it would be smart to buy BTC: fuck you. Just fuck. You.

I'm 100 bucks over my initial investment and I don't even know how to cash out. How do I get euros to my bank account from Coinbase?

also, I'd be surprised to see it get down to $2k... I'd be surprised to see BTC below its current ATH by the end of this year.

It could happen, though... just seems unlikely, especially with LN scaling up.

go to CheckIntoCash if you want a payday loan

Just tell me do I sell EVERYTHING right this very minute or do I hold like a motherfucker?

I'm panicking. FUCK!

I know how you feel but we are in crypto to change our lives. I have hope that the price will rise and by the end of the year you will have your money by 10x

there is a very real risk of utter collapse down to like 2k, if you can't afford to lose it sell it

You guys are the real winners, and people like me who invested in 2017 made your lambos a reality.

I got nothing out of cryptos. Absolutely nothing. I'm a poor student who dreams of his own house because I can't live with other people and I bought BTC only for this purpose. Poverty sucks.


Don't be sad as long as you have a career there will always be a next chance

why would you not cash out a little bit? i sold 1/2 my coins when btc was at 18k. that's what you get for being greedy

don't invest more than you can afford to lose. It sounds stupid because you never want to lose any money obviously, but the reason is so you don't feel pressured to sell in a down market to pay down bills or debt.

I haven't sold any, and I think this is a very bad time to sell. Yeah, it could go to $2k... but I don't see any reason why it would. It could also be at $20k next week. No one knows.

someone at my uni dropped out of his course to invest everything in bitcoin when it was at 16k


>I’m pretty sure we’ve reached the capitulation phase at this point
That's what I'm thinking too. Maybe not quite yet, but we're closing in on it. The only problem is there's still that whole tether skeleton in the closet. I don't think that's really priced in yet. It's sort of like it's impossible to price it.

pathetic noodle handed normies.. sell with a loss and go back to your 9-5 shit

bear markets don't give you that chance

>as long as you have a career there will always be a next chance

I'm 28 years old, no profession, no prior job experience, no gf.
Money in my pocket: 10 bucks.

BTC was my last resort to get a life.
It's gone now.
I have no words.

Dude, that's hilarious. First of all, you're still $100 up. Secondly, it's someone else's fault that you don't know how to cash our of your own account?

felt like an idiot for selling at $10.3, now I feel like a god

Coinbase doesn't seem to have a withdraw option in the EUR wallet.
Fuck fuck fuuuuck

>using coinbase

Jesus why can't you use a exchange from your country? I do this from Brazil and you live in Europe..Jesus

He's talking to me tho, and I have a career, a wife, a kid, 2 dogs, and a house.

I'll probably be working for the rest of my life which I would have preferred not to do, but he's right - my life isn't so bad.

My goal with crypto was either to retire or make enough to start a small business. The small business thing could have been real if I hadn't cashed out back in April. Oh well.

Yup, I sold all of my ETH at 1.1k a week or two ago and felt terrible about it. Right now it feels like a pretty good move desu.

Sucks and I can't really relay as medical student but there is always a next chance even for wage-slaves

Finland doesn't have an exchange.

>He's talking to me tho, and I have a career, a wife, a kid, 2 dogs, and a house

If I had your life, I wouldn't bother with get-rich-quick scams or the lottery.
Just having a loving wife is winning the lottery. If you don't see that, eat your own shit. I will die alone and poor.


look on google for european big exchanges

worst case scenario use this site

wage cuck or kill yourself thats really it, once youve reached that age with no self improvement youre never going to change anyways

PUSSY I'm down to less than half my initial investment

Just sell drugs thats your only hope

Guys I don’t understand. The president of the internet told me that BtC was the smartest investment I could make besides getting married.

I’ve lost so much money that my wife makes me sleep in my car in the driveway at night and she kicks me out when her coworker Jerold comes over to play Cards Against Humanity with her.

here is a common way I do it differently but this is a start. self HALF when you double you money let the rest ride.

My plan is to just get a mediocre job, live alone and wank. I think it's better than dying.

But yeah I've lost all faith in cryptos. Not even the tech is that good. The blockchain is really just a long list that holds up no matter what. Nothing more.

its no wonder you're in the position you're in if you cant see the many incredible applications crypto could have. One man one vote is just one that could change the entire world, and thats an obvious one.

All I wanted from crypto was to be able to fix my old truck and have a working air conditioner.

Currently down $400 from my initial investment of $700

This sucks. I don't even want to make a million. I just want to stop being poor and having shitty things all the time.

Guess its gonna be another sweaty summer for me.

I'm down to 2.5k on a 7k investment, still holding my projects though

What coins do you have? Just put your money into ETH or NEO, get a job, and keep investing. Crypto isn't going anywhere. People were saying the same shit during 2011 and 2013. Keep paying attention to news though so you don't miss the next ETH (Hint: It's chainlink)

you should have voted trump

i made 500k off eth off a 10k investment

I’m down 950 from my initial investment iron hands I’m going down with the ship fuck these banking cartel kikes at least I took a swing at them.

Before it crashes sell back into Tether, ETH, or BTC and buy back in when the market is good or you will lose it all.

Hold. Img and neo will both see $200-300 in 2 yrs

Never moar than 15% total worth. Never

Hahhahahhahajajjajhahah. Fucking tether. Read the news.

BTC stabilizing at 8200. Maybe there's still hope?
I'm staying up all night keeping my finger on the sell button.

If you need the money in the next 1 year, then maybe sell. But nobody knows. It can be 1k in a few weeks or 20k again.
Long term I think everybody is sure, we are seeing 100k. But for this you have to be a strong hodler who does not need the money right now and best is if you are in panic mode, just do not look at the charts for 3 years. If bitcoin is booming, you will know it from friends, media and others.

look at the volume idiot. By the end of today tether will pass ETH.
Screen cap this.

>Long term I think everybody is sure, we are seeing 100k.

But here's the thing, I've noticed that nobody believes that anymore.
The current opinion is that BTC is bad tech and will be killed off.


What? With coinbase you can transfer EUR into your linked bank account for a fee

The grass is always greener, my friend. Marriages are a lot of work and as much as my marriage is a source of happiness it's also often a source of stress. I'd like to cut some stress out of my life - my job would be the ideal point to do that.

>down 55%

every time I have a bad day I come to this kind of thread... people investing money they need in a market they barely looked into... hahaha thanks guys

All these months was a fucking waste of time. I have been tricked.