Is the 16th floor of an apartment complex high enough? there's no coming back from this shit man

is the 16th floor of an apartment complex high enough? there's no coming back from this shit man

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They said that every other time, user. If you do it, your loved ones will not only have the grief of losing you, but the shame and uselessness of knowing if you had only stayed, it would have recovered, and you'd have had a beautiful life. They'll live with that every single day.
Suicide will still be an option next week, next month, next year. It's not like you'll miss your opportunity if you wait.
You're not stupid. Don't be shortsighted.


Yup-. Just jump first.

Be a man and commit seppuku


don't sudoku OP, life's good

There is no mountain high enough.

Wait a few months, if it hasn't recovered by then I'll join you.

Yes. And get a life stream going

Imagine if you were one of the guys who killed themselves after buying btc at 1k, that's you right now.

I just wanted to make it

>16th floor of an apartment complex high enough
depends how fat you are, how many flips are you looking to do?

Well it's the only high you'll be seeing this year, user. Better make the most of it.

Why break form now user? Females respect consistency. Go to the 16th floor quickly then amble slowly down the stairwell, going back up one floor every few levels but then keep going down and jump from the second floor.

Stream it desu
At least then you can monetize your own suicide desu

6 floors is more than enough just make sure you don't land standing up. I jumped from 4 floors when I was a kid but landing feet first and lived. My back was fucked up for a couple months though.


swan dive and youll be good 2 go

>OP kills himself
>everything moons

at least send me your bags

Why jump until every single cent is squeezed from you? Then you can jump.

TL;DR - The probability of you dying from a 16 story fall is greater than 95%. The odds are even better if you manage to land on your head.

>realized there's no coming back
>throw it all on ethroll out of desperation
>lose the rest of my money

leave Veeky Forums it is bad influence

Sold be high enough, but give me your eth/erc20 bags first: 0x99AcF167EC1a23F433121E7656D673FE50fAcd49


I was going to post
but unironically this user makes a good point

I know someone who died from the 14th floor.
It's all about how you land.