January 22 LIGHTNING NETWORK CROSSES 100 NODES, SEGWIT NEARS 20% DOMINANCE bitcoinist.com/lightning-network-100-nodes-segwit/ /

So far the protocol has surpassed 610

February 2 Lightning Network Reaches 1,000 Mainnet Payment Channels

February 4th, current situation: 1727 NODES


It's exponential and this is just testnet. It's gonna explode BTC.

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So this is good news

But what of Ethereum?

And the market has reacted according

How can i buy lightning network

ICO starting in 3 days, 50% bonus if you invest your life savings

but muh nano rebranded binance'd moon!!!

Honestly this is bullish for me
Market falling but LN still well on its way.

Is this just a shill?

So this is the reason for the current BTC moon!!!

It's not yet but it will be when the hype wakes up

Lightning is a bad solution

LN will revolutionize cryptos as we know them today. There will be widespread merchant adoption similar to 2013 but on a scale that's 100x larger.

How so?

fucking whales selling the news

Cuz bcash is duh real bitcoin, duh.

BTC + LN is anything but Bitcoin, it's an experiment with no future.

Lightning Network is not Bitcoin - anything that's offchain is not Bitcoin. The only time it is Bitcoin again is when it's mined into a block. Other than that, it's just IOUs passing around a network with routing issues.

It honestly just makes me extremely sad when someone shills Lightning. As if it was a good thing at all. But of course hardly anybody does their research and the people looking to lightning as a wonderful solution are the quintessential proof of that fact.

Lightning makes BTC more centralized.

Will this positively affect the price of the Raiden Network as well? Also Trinity mabybe? Thoase are the Lightning versions for ETH and NEO


shits a joke, BTC is dead

BTC is done

This exactly.
Bitcoin has been designed to end trading IOUs as money, which what the banking system does.
Then Blockstream artificially slows down the network and says, let's start trading IOUs as the solution to the scaling problem.

Ive been in crypto for 6 months and understand decentralization and the principles behind btc, but turn into a brainlet when i hear people mention segit and lightning network. Shit doesnt make sense, granted i only read it in passing so i dont understand the context.

Is segwit/LN seperate from btc? Are they forked networks? Are they still btc as we know it?



>store of value
>loses over half its value





Who gives a shit? Bitcoin is fucking trash

Lightning was Satoshi's idea



Please explain to a brainlet - if blockstream is ruining btc, what would have occurred without their involvement. If Btc continued as is, don't scaling issues arise anyhow?

Muhhh increase block size - doesn't scaling issue still inevitably arise?

Thanks for this. Fuck the banks first and foremost

You blockstream guys are really out of ideas

What a disgusting video.
>Avg. tx fee matters
>Load a channel = Checking account (lmao)
>Free market competition won't occur on a network were anyone with resources can run a node, nobody will want to profit of non competitive fees.
Absolutely false propaganda. You can at any time say "fu" to the channel you've opened and submit it to the Bitcoin main chain, you control your money.