The holy trinity is on sale right now, why don't you have any?

These 3 coins will be absolutely massive by the time 2019 is here.

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They’re all massive pieces of shit.

Like you and your mommy

You aren't going to make it, user. Stay poor.

I love LINK.

But why no Neo, Polymath Network, or Moria tokens?

I think NEO will continue, Moria for eth dividends, and Poly just because of the hype and partnerships.

I will hold LINK to 0.00

At this point I legit can't tell if Link is just a meme or what
Redpill me on link please

Quantstamps value proposition has a very low ceiling. REQ has potential but it's a gamble for large-scale adoption. If it gets there, huge, if not, it will wither and die.

LINK will be a godcoin in short order.

What's the last one?

shit i just bought into QSP today
I've seen NO shilling here on Veeky Forums for it though, like none at all. The project seems to be actually useful with all the buggy smartcontracts losing people money nowdays.

u like mc donalds ?
sergey loves it too => all in

I also would consider these very high long term alt coins but throw in FUN as well.

No more fiat, bought everything overpriced, now just have to sit and HODL

Read this and prosper, then and buy as much as you can during the flash sale

very meme, no buy, mobius much better

Quantstamp (QSP)

Neo is great, I hold a good bit. That being said I think these 3 have the greatest potential in 2019 both tech and moon wise.

Praise kek and his prophet sergey! They guide us to the light of the trinity.

I think tech wise you could be right. I believe in Link, and love the memes.

I don't know if this is the year for REQ though. Maybe next year, I think they're trying to fill a tall order.

The ones I listed previously are just about the money.

thank you

Link and Req for sure.

Link and Neo will go far. The other two are meme shit and will most likely be culled along with a lot of other shitty Icos coming this year.

I don't know, I'm willing to take a chance on both. Poly is helping launch the tZero and working with BTTF. So I would assume more will come looking for their help.

And Moria, if they can actually sustain ETH dividends, quarterly over the course of their project.

Mostly the SEC has allowed both to operate in the US so my fear factor of them being shit is low.


Someone got that address with 3 million link and 30k daily buys for months?

You mean MOBIUS


This is actually good advice on Veeky Forums...interesting

Just giving back a little. Unfortunately most wont be smart enough to recognize the potential here.

req, link, and ven personally tbqh

they'll all be worth 0$ in 2 months. crypto is over

That's very nice user, but that's nothing.

I have 1k of each of them and then coss and kucoin dividends, what do you think :)?

my holy trinity,


They don't even have synergy like ours do

lol youre fucking braindead m8 stay poor tho

literally all shitcoins OP

You aren't going to make it, anons. Stay poor.

Can somebody comfort me for my link bags. Is this coin a living meme or will something happen with it?

its a meme dude..sorry

The whole proof-of-care gimmick is a dealbreaker for me.

> Have a worthwhile blockchain idea
> Let's do an ICO
> Wait, there's no point for it to be tokenized
> Fuck it, let's just put out a token that doesn't do shit and reward the holders who "care" the most
> bingo


Post the link address with 3mil link you niggers

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Never bet against memes


I lost it. I follow his link trades 1% everyday

how do you follow his trades? he never sells, only buys

He buys 28k I buy 280 etc