What's your financial endgame

1. What dollar amount is considered victory for you, where you become financially independent and are free to do what ever you want
2. How do you intend to spend the rest of your life once you reach that point?

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at $3MM i'd prob stop wagecucking

Very reasonable

Good luck

500k is more than enough.

1m gbp
invest all in safe stocks averaging 2-4% yearly after tax
live off 20-40k

Tens of millions
I don't care about the actual "amount". I just want to be a sophisticated investor. Go long undervalued equities, short overpriced stocks, make above average returns all the time, even in bear markets.

For now, I just need to finish this stupid fucking college degree so that I can make actual money and not have 5000 in ETFs seem like a "big portfolio"


Time not spent on business ventures I will probably just train boxing or wrestling, or practice my musical instruments, maybe write a novel, become an artist. Ultimate end-goal is to be a Yukio Mishima type, with so much celebrity and influence, I can Make My Country Great Again

100k would set me up just fine for early retirement.

i don't mind wagecucking.

$4 millions. I just want to buy a house, get a waifu pay for a good education and open a small coffee shop. And put the rest into a hedge fund and gold.
That's all I need in life.

1) Whatever is necessary to pay Emma Watson to sit on my face
2) See above

300k. Figure I can buy a duplex or two in a flyover state and try to bootstrap a small business with enough passive income for a modest lifestyle.

there are cuter poor girls that would do that for cheap

I'm not ambitious. Just want to hit about ~$1.5M post-tax in crypto and then move to more conventional investments like ETFs where I can live a comfortable middle-class life

then just live like a NEET i guess until I die, without having to worry about wagecucking ever again

I don't care. I want Emma Watson.

>Go long undervalued equities, short overpriced stocks, make above average returns all the time, even in bear markets.
Probably one of the dumber things that I've read. Determining an under or overvalued stock is subjective; good luck beating the market 100% of the time

You get up two and a half million dollars, any asshole in the world knows what to do: you get a house with a 25 year roof, an indestructible Jap-economy shitbox, you put the rest into the system at three to five percent to pay your taxes and that's your base, get me? That's your fortress of fucking solitude. That puts you, for the rest of your life, at a level of fuck you. Somebody wants you to do something, fuck you. Boss pisses you off, fuck you. Own your house. Have a couple bucks in the bank. Don't drink. That's all I have to say to anybody on any social level.

50k. Enough to pay off all debt and have a down payment for a house. Itd also be nice to make enough to jumpstart a 401k during this stock crash so I can retire at 40.

>hurr durr
>what what is DCF?
>what is margin of safety?

sure, it's subjective. but there are smart opinions, and then there are stupid opinions, buddy

My goal is to be a complete shut in with a home gym

500k with a modest paid off home is freeom to me

I'm at 900k at the moment. My goal is 100 Million. Financial independence is not enough for me. I want a ridiculous life.

10MM. I have a girlfriend... Otherwise I could make do with 500k like other anons here.

5 million euros
I'm halfway there, I'm gonna buy a house in Sofia, a house in the mountains and one somewhere near the beach. Bulgaria is perfect for me, because all of these things are within 300KM's distance to one another, and everything is cheap as fuck. Gonna drive the same car I do now, gonna wear the same clothes, the only thing that will probably change is that I'll spend more on food by learning how to cook.

One thing I want to have is my own home gym and recording studio, and I can see myself spending around 100k to have those things.

>Spacious response not addressing my argument
Please give me a fund or group that beats the market 100% of the time. When you can't, please tell how or why you're going to do it when others can't.


£30-50,000 for one or two house deposits, then next time the housing market crashes i'll buy cheap and rent the houses out to goyim as HMO's.

Financially independently
5 mil. I can make that last a life time.
Letting it sit on savings alone would net me 10 grand year.

I think Carl Icahn keeps a lot of cash, and then takes big long or short positions based on fundamental research.

Meanwhile, everyone else is "diversified" and kind of nervous when the market hiccups like it did last week.

No one is right 100% of the time, but I don't know why you think holding undervalued companies and shorting overvalued companies, based on revenue, profits, and dividends is the "dumbest thing you've read", but then again, I did meet you on a Taiwanese Ramen-Noodle-Bitcoin-Gambling-Site, so there's that.

i already have a wife and kid and theyre expensive

>I don't know why you think holding undervalued companies and shorting overvalued companies, based on revenue, profits, and dividends is the "dumbest thing you've read"

There are companies that increase in revenue but still have negative income, and don't issue dividends, but continue to increase in share value. The metrics used for measuring how valuable you think a company is are far more complicated than what you mentioned and thinking you're going to beat the market when picking individual stocks is extremely foolish. I'm not saying you can't occasionally win, just that you're not going to individually beat market returns during near and bull markets

500k or I kill myself

Like £500-600k post-tax so that I can afford to buy a half-decent 5 bedroom house in the area that I live. After that I can just rent out 2 or three of the rooms to people I choose completely at my discretion and then with a small amount of income from running a business that I enjoy at my leisure I can live relatively comfortably, do all the things I want to do in life, and be without stress.

That's the dream anyway. Probably never gonna happen and I'll be wagecucked and rentcucked until I drop but this modest fantasy is what gives me motivation to invest TO BE HONEST.


Live in Asia while working remotely as a programmer and English teacher on my own hours

sure, those are companies with high PVGO, right?

they strengthen their balance sheet, invest in assets, and investors are confident that the companies will earn a higher return on their internal investments than they themselves (the investors) can earn by receiving dividends and investing those in securites of their choosing.

so if picking stocks discriminately is foolish, are you telling me that i should just buy stocks completely at random?

This might get laughed at but I hope to teach english in south korea part time with my wealth. I can teach ENglish to uni students in the morning for 3 hours. I can rent a one room for 250 a month. I will invest in stocks and etf's and maybe hold a bit of crypto and just work on mm passion of photography. I have been paying everything in credit card for almost 10 years and I have amassed close to 600,000 aventura airmiles points and have close to 800k in stocks etfs gics and mutual funds. I still have 40k in crypto was 120k last year... I will not marry or buy brand name shit. I will literally wear basic uniqlo clothes and fit my life in a carry on and a checked suitcase. macbook pro, lieca camera, a couple lenses and I am good to go. I hope to live in the east coast close to Busan. I can get to Japan Kansai airport through peach airlines for under 100 bucks sometimes. I hope to live alone and listen to carbon based lifeforms music all day and eat sushi. I probably wont even tell my family what happened to me. My friends either. I will delete my social media and finally live my life as who i want to really be a foreigner in a foreign land. To be honest I lived in Korea before and sadly it felt more like home than Canada... I hope you all make it I hope we all smile one day with or without money GOd Bless Anons...

I’m not in a bad situation, probably 500k would be enough for me too, buy a couple of houses to rent as b&b (I live in or the most touristic visited cities in Europe) and live with the income.

Not Lambo, private jet and shit but enough to live well, the end of the game is to avoid the wage cuck “life” after all.

god speed my friend. you will make it.

1 mil or more, mostly because I will retire to a 3rd world country after and invest in local companies and probably found some crypto related companies there. The crash set me back A LOT (I was pretty close to 1 mil too) but I can wait as long as it takes to realize my dream

5 milli, I'd buy 2 rental houses, my own house, put 1 milli in an index fund, and keep the rest in link/sky. Then with my time I would like to maybe learn more about ai systems and work on things like that. Also get married and have 13 white children

2-3 Mio. USD
Would invest most of it in stocks and maybe startups, then look for a halftime job I want to try out. Look for an own apartment and maybe a car....make some sport and get my mind clear what I wanna do in my life. Oh, and maybe bang some chicks. Yeah, banging some chicks. ._.

once my investment becomes 6x my debt+2years of living expenses, i'm cashing out 2x debt and expenses to account for taxes
that's my cashing out strategy

at this point i'll be happy to break even

Looks like 5 million USD is the sweet spot. depending on taxes you should be at least left with a bit over 2 million. can spend $40,000/year rest of your life. depending on how you invest you may be able to spend a bit more.

But really get some roommates and you can spend $1,000 / month on everything. with low key living you could probably live off your money once you hit a million dollars or a bit above in crypto and then pay taxes.

I'm a third worlder so around 300k usd and I already can afford to live off dividends (1.5k usd/month)

I still want to wagecuck a little more, I enjoy it. If I get tired of it I'll be able to afford living like a hermit playing video games and fapping

I'm holding 2k VEN so if it reach 150 usd each then I hit my moon

I taught English in SK for a while, best of luck my man.

Exactly, and how much for her to wear her Hogwarts uniform during the act?

I went to let my parents retire, and have enough to put into a savings account/stock account that gives enough passive income for me to work part-time. If I make it big, I will take out enough to make this work and then go hard. The whole thing will take about 250k.

>150k to pay off all debt and taxes
>350k to buy a house and pay of all debt
>1m to stop wage slaving for a while
>3m to stop wage slaving forever

I'm at 60k in crypto right now, I need a 50x to stop working forever. What are the odds that happens in the next 5 years?


I already have some passive income but it's barely enough to live off of so I need more unless I want to live like a hobo or wagecuck.

>at 2k

If you short everything with 1000x leverage pretty good

If you are a hodler, welp

we will not make it.

I forgot about this, this is a seriously undervalued Veeky Forums worthy quote

I don't know why you guys are so pessimistic. A literal nigger turned a 90k investment into 2.5m (during this dip) in less than a year. If he can do it, why can't I?

Because he got lucky. I did ot. I was going to invest in LINK, REQ, or VEN. I chose LINK. That was the first mistake. Second mistake was not going back to XLM for a 10x. I bet on the wrong horses.

>Fund your own movie as writer/director/actor like Tommy Wiseau
>Have scene involving your character getting face sat on by female character
>Get Emma Watson cast as that female character

10 million

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need..,,

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

25 year old basement dwelling loser who dropped out of community college. Net worth of ~20k, $8k into crypto and $5k more in fiat en route pending Coinbase. If I got to 100k I could quit my part time job and put more effort/time into this and also pay off what's left of my parent's mortgage. If I got to 300k I would go back to school to pursue a PhD because I want to be one of the world's foremost scholarly counter-Semites srs and also take out the sum necessary for my little sister's college tuition fund. Another benefit of going back to school for humanities degrees would be the abundance of pretty white girls compared to the soul-sapping sausagefest that was the IT program I flunked out of (I'm a self-hating pajeet). If I get to 500k I just might quit everything and move to a nice house somewhere secluded without neighbors and read books about the Zionist conspiracy to enslave humanity and occasionally play video games without being bothered. Anything above $500k is just gravy. If I fail, I might kms.

Wish me luck user :(

>make 5 million
>plans to give it to a jew right away for some extra dimes

This guy knows (and fucks)

Probably 400k with minimal wagecucking

>bring all their portfolios within 2% of their "making it" value then dump it.

This is my goal.

I'd be happy with 1 million after taxes. I could pay off my family's debt and get a nice place to live and a really nice motorcycle and just have a good comfy life with minimal wagecucking. 5 million would be ideal though.

sounds like you're blaming the jews for you personal pitfalls, we've all been there but you gotta get that sorted if you wanna succeed in life, regardless if you make it in crypto or not. Priorities besides that are on point so good luck user.

>tfw had this before the crash
>wanted to cash out but was too slow
>only 700k now

How much did you have initially? I'd say 700k is still definitely not bad. More than a lot of people have and you could still stretch it out for a long period.

You ever see the Motorcycle Diaries? I'm from South America but the idea of biking across South America and/or New Zealand across mountains and beaches... I'm not even a big motorcycle guy but that would be the life.

Financial independence is subjective. I haven't worked an actual job in years and my main expense is only my rent. Live in San Francisco btw. Net worth is lower than most but I don't ask for much. Stockfag not coinfag if it matters. Yes, I'm aware of the impending doom tomorrow. I made money off the 2009 recession, so I dont gaf.

Never seen it, but I watched Ewan McGregor's world motorcycle trip Long Way Round and that was partly why I want one so bad. I've been contemplating getting a smaller shitbike, but it gets cold as hell where I live and I probably wouldn't ride it enough to justify the money I'd spend on it.

~6k, then probably put in 40k more over a few months. 700k is still nice and I'm happy with it, but it sucks thinking about how long it might take to reach that point again.

No set amount but even $100k would change my life, I've grown up pretty poor but a platform of 100k or so could help me invest in myself and take me from having a shit life with no car, a leaky roof in a moldy house thatll probably kill me if I move out, living pay check to pay check in a house with a pretty dysfunctional family. I also have some weird health problems I'd love to see doctors about and feel like my day to day life quality would skyrocket if I didn't feel like shit all the time. I need financial independence and I'm hoping making a few smart plays this year in crypto can help me build a platform for a better life.

Main goal this year is to get a new job that pays decently (Walmart employees officially make more than I do, .25 an hour more starting). Even just that could be a game changer. Aiming to increase my salary by at least 40-60% and get a non deadend job and eventually start my own business/website/do freelance work and get away from working for the jews. Would probably take some of my savings from that and invest in even more crypto.

Fuck this board. When we have a bullmarket you assholes constantly say that 1MM is nothing and that you need 10MM to make it. Now everything is crashing and suddenly 500k is enough for everyone. You faggots made me greedy and thats why I didnt take profit at the top REEEE


Right now, about 5k would be my goal so I can get out of venezuela with my parents and live a few months while looking for jobs.

For my long term goal, I think 100k would be good enough, so that I could buy my parents a small house and they wont have to work ever again.
I don't mind keep wagecucking for myself.

Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. I've been buying shit on the dip this week and I'm even more excited about crypto

Looking forward to be smart enough and know enough about this space to take advantage of the next big market crash

how much did you have at your peak?

Hopefully you can get out of that shithole soon amigo, a lot of my Uber drivers are venezuelans and they're some of our best immigrants. Good people who just want to live a comfy life

nah senpai I am well aware I made my own bed, but Jewish chicanery being responsible for mass immigration, gun control, amnesty for illegal immigrants, cultural filth via Hollywood, high taxes, making America complicit in subjugating the Palestinians, neocohen wars for Israel, etc. is hard fact regardless. And thanks

Well financial independence for any eurofag won't come untill 1.5MM but I'll take 100k

500k+ I emigrate to a cheap ass place to live.

Me too man. I pray to God about that everyday day.
We are gonna make it.

If you want to post an ETH address, I'll send you a couple hundred now to help get you get out of there faster.

Holy... if you're serious
It will definitely help

when i have 30-40k inpassive income from rent/airbnb from rela estate and vanguard etf. Think ill need 1mil aud before tax to achieve this. Therefore need to get upto 2mil in crypto. hopefully EOY

I'm going to be brutally honest, that sounds really boring and sad mate. I don't understand why achieving financial independence would make you abandon your family and friends without explanation to pursue part time wage cuckery and faggy photography while living alone and eating the same food everyday and listening to the gayest music in existence. I'm not going to laugh at you because this sounds like the dream of someone who is broken with nothing to offer anyone and who lacks the ability to form meaningful connections. You'd gain financial freedom in exchange for slavery of another kind. Remember that money isn't an escape from neurosis and it will probably make it worse. Eventually you will be miserable in chickland too.

50k so I can pay off my student debts, jsut got fired.

Sent some, waiting for binance to process it. Good luck user.

No endgame. This replaces fiat currencies. This is where I stay.

This user guy was for real.

Just trying to (unironicallyl get a Nintendo switch, boys

Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. I'm not him, but close enough, and this really hit home on multiple levels.

I only need $5k~ to visit my gf in Italy this summer where she'll be studying abroad. My life is depressing as fuck and I'll probably just kill myself anyway but a EU trip would be pretty dope since I've already seen most of America.

I have ~10k invested which is below 5k atm and I can't cashout or I lock in those losses which is unacceptable. Hopefully BTC pumps 200% atleast once before May

poorfag film maker, 15k would finance a move to cali and a short film

I really want one too, but paying hundreds of dollars to play vidya is just too much.

Make a documentary about indie filmmakers


Dude. Did you missed typed or something? Did too actually send me that? Am I dreaming? I don't know what to say

Thanks. Holy molly. I... wow. God bless you. Wow. Thank you so much man. May God give you huge gainz.

Thank you so much.

I am living in crypto, not dollars, you Appalachian mouth breather.

The end game is never cashing out - cashing in.

Yep, me and my wife work 40 hours a week doing necessary jobs and I can't bring myself to spend money on one because I could use that money to buy her something nice. She's dope and I'm kinda boring and dumb. Hopefully I'll make us some money if this market recovers..

No problem, didn't mistype it. Just made some extra trading today.