We are being brigaded by banksters and whales trying to shake our faith

Do not be fooled, its not just autists here. The Media FUD campaign against crypto is hitting everywhere its discussed. The banks are scared, but they cant put this genie back into the bottle.

MSNBC was hyping crypto for a month, can't blame them.

fucking boomers make me ree

im going to post a picture that always cheers me up, its fun doing this to my gf

So they won?

>now anybody that's critical of crypto is a closet banker

They can only win if we let them. Its nowhere close to being over.

heres one of there disinformation agents in the flesh!

Why else would someone go on biz, and then purposefuly seed doubt in the entire market? Youd think most people on here have something to lose in crypto. Try harder next time, youre too obvious faggot.

So people bought in. Now it's a coordinated FUD dump campaign to make cash off normies. Unregulated markets...

How much are you being paid, Shlomo?


Veeky Forums is the slowest its been in months

I've been on Veeky Forums since Something Awful was still the place to go for memes. AKA longer than you've probably been alive. Fuck off.

its hillarious cryptonewfags think we are coordinated fud

No you pathetic faggots missed your exit opportunity and now we are rubbing it in your face as you call us 20 years "boomers"

LOL ok

It DOES raise an interesting philosophical question... If you buy this doll for 11.2 bitcoin, who's ripping off who?

>implying I am not worth millions already

You'd have to be pretty insecure with yourself to rub this dip in the face of your fellow autists. Did daddy never come home and mommy not give you enough hugs as a child?

>Something awful was the place for memes
something awful was just stolen content copypasted for some kikes monetary gain, kill yourself for trying to use google to learn the history of the internet

oh the children these days

Bulls are overbought from buying in during the last couple failed breakouts, so they have no money to push the price up. Thus, the now powerless bulls resort to spamming random shit on forums in order to try to get bears to buy back in to stop the decline.

>worth millions
Maybe youd be worth more if you sold your bitcoin at the proper time Larpboy :v)

>implying I made my millions from bitcoin

True. My mum and her bf are both over 60 and bought crypto. Told them to HODL and why.


>just stolen content copypasted
oh wow user what's it like being this retarded?

What's your favorite oldfag meme guys? Mine is probably Gaijin-4-Kooma

>Unregulated markets...

This is exactly how markets are supposed to work over time. It's beautiful.

>When the oldfags fall for your bait

The only reason boomers shafted you guys is because they actually go out and vote. Millennials are barely just starting to vote for once.

>rub this dip

The market is higher than it was 4 months ago. You have to be full retard to be crying about loses now.

when you bait the baiter whose bait is really baiting the baited

Nah g we at capitulation and despair. Everyone like "ok I'm out", "it's ogre", "what if it goes down more". Everyone who's selling has sold. Not much further to go.


Thread is being slided, another tactic used to control the narrative of the conversation. Can you not see this?


Those pics are well drawn man really conveys her emotions.

ikr, its hot as fuck

nice article on (((bloomberg))) about how crypto is the "biggest bubble".
>nasdaq 10T$ bubble is somehow smaller than the crypto 0.5T$ "bubble"
they're working hard. hodl.