When did you get in and are you up or down on your initial investment?

Last March - up 30xish

Late December... -12% right now.

My initial investment was 2K back in march, bought 40 ether, Sold for 10K, took my initial investment out and now i'm sitting comfy, all in with 1000 OmiseGo. Everything I have invested is pure profit.

i bought eth at 15$ so im still up

but its been a rough ride, and i panic sold along the way, still got some though

but it hurts

thats a great pink vegeta though

Late dec, begin January.
Down by 25-30% right now

Got in around new year or slightly before. Been putting a hundred dollars or more from every paycheck into XLM. Sometimes I would put more fiat into the "dips." If I had a better understanding of how this market cycle goes I would have just stayed out until maybe now or next week because I've pretty much halved my investment already. Had a chance to make a profit on XLM already but fell for the stupid HODL meme.


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September 27th, 2016, the day I turned 18. Up 52x rn

Summer of last year. Still up 300% from initial investment.

29 of dec



I cashed out every bit I put in across 2017 so everything left in crypto is pure profit.

Late December and I'm a little over 2x now.

early spring last year. 3000% up you guys are major faggots and losers

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January 13th 2018
What do you think?

last august, and i'm only up 10x
i need to stop fucking hodling like a retard when things go up 7x jesus christ

invested 1000

left is jan 9


BTC ATH, up 10%. I knew I was buying into the bubble so I only pumped 30% of my fiat goal in. Currently have 50% pumped in now. Crash harder, crypto is here to stay.

only up 2x since august:(

January, down 42% on my delta app but there was also more losses I made by shit trading at the start.
Of course Literally days after I bought in it fell

may last year, started with 2,2k, ath was 110x down to 60x now :(

Me too

Dec 19th - 2x pulled out in cash, 6.5x still in the market on an ICO and MTN

Bought eth at $100 ATH I can't seem to figure out if taxes is a meme so I don't sell and rebuy I just scared so j plan on just selling everything slowly in 2 years. Hopefully everyone still around

December 31 down 35%

taxes are unfortunately not a meme. Long term cap gains are much easier to handle

Late November. Down 35%.

The current crash is unnerving, but I'm confident of the future. This will get much much bigger.

Why would I leave? I still have a lot of money in crypto dumbass

>last August
>close to initial investment

Last March too, up x30ish like you up. Was up x150 at one point in December though

12000% so far

November. Yes, by a bit under double now. Kinda gay but it could be worse.

I haven't gotten in yet. Still looking for a vaguely strategic entry point.

Mid November, 2 eth to 55 eth

Summer 2015. 150 bucks to 20k

First purchase BTC 2013 @$200, last purchase ETH @ $14. All-in $10k over that span. Up a lot. Won't be selling, but still keeping my day job. Crypto is play money even if mid-6 figures.

Mid December, down 50% or,10k

Two days ago, -15%

last january

bought my first ETH at like $7 and my last at $350

still hurts though

December, up 50%

started end '16
Just a HODL'er not really a trader. just sold a few (~20-25%) of everything at peaks to go in other stuff too.

6-8x my investment. Will handle the next peak different tho so i take more profits

2013, cashed out around December peak, +10000%

made 100k from 1000$

Started with $77. Peaked at $1200 in December. Now $358.

>last september
>missed the initial LINK moon, VEN moon, and REQ moon
>up 3x from initial investment

December 2015. Forced hodl between June 2017 and November 2017. Selling over December, last coin sold 23 January.

may 2014 2000x oar something have lost count

Literally 4 weeks ago.
Down 60%

I got into crypto in may put 5k and am still up 50x was up 175x last month though. Fucking scary shit this

started march 2017, would be a millionaire instead i've got 300usd to my name. fuck.

newfag. may 2k now 41k? 20x up

1 week ago but reading up on shit since months ... trying to make sense of it which it doesn't because its crypto currencies and they barely have any use unlike other blockchain applications in near - midterm future ...

down -90$ ... new it'll drop hefty when the tether/bitfinex news was made official ... low and behold 24 hours later even slow pokes start catching up > and here we are after a small bounce

february 6th will hopefully be brutal else we're still at mercy for tether/shitfinex to blow up

don't listen to the faggots saying nothing will happen or all is chill ... this thing is if it goes down as it most likely will a bear market for MONTHS TO COME ... (multitude of mt gox's)

last June, up about 15x still, but was up like 30x at end of December, its been painful the last month

Summer of last year and you've only 3x lol retarded

Last Augustus, up 50x