Is eagles vs patriots the same odds as mcgregor vs mayweather?

Is eagles vs patriots the same odds as mcgregor vs mayweather?

Finna put in 100 on eagles. Would you?

Good bet though. If the Patriots win the collective goy melancholy will cause the stock market to crash so they have to rig it for the Eagles.

hell no

go pats

Patriots have a 60% chance of winning IMO. So bet on expected value, dunno the odds.

>betting on a rigged sport.

Unless you have insider info, you're retarded.

Eagles are unironically the more patriotic team to support.

Fuck the pats.

can i pay in bitcorn


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I want maximum returns
If i bet on pats i wont make much back

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go ahead and lose your money on the SportsGameâ„¢ fucking idiot

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I can 3x my 100 lol
Ill take it

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You dumbass. Take the payout of the Iggles win* the odds you give them. Then the payout of a pats win* odds you give them. Bet on the highest value from that. If you want maximum returns you will do this repeatedly for many sports events, instead of just betting once on an underdog.

How the fuck are you going to 3x your money? I'm seeing Eagles +155 as average from most books. Or are you going to seriously parlay this shit?

Nah jist all in the eagles boi

Put in 100 you get 286 back

Almost a 3x

This. My dad's a professional sportscaster and makes triple his salary betting on games through tips. Literally pays his mortgage and then some