Feeling pretty down. I bought into ARY on Kucoin at 0.000258 ETH and its been shitting on me for like a week...

Feeling pretty down. I bought into ARY on Kucoin at 0.000258 ETH and its been shitting on me for like a week. I thought going on a new exchange would, at the very least, allow me to make a little profit if not at least break even.

I could use some encouragement, scary arys.

>I bought into ARY on Kucoin at 0.000258 ETH

sell it at .000225 and make some profit dummy

you can buy at ~.000150 and sell at .00022, it's fluctuated between the two like 20 times and this dip aint over

>sell it at .000225 and make some profit dummy

what dont you idiots understand? why the fuck did you think that ARY would moon while everything else dumps?

not sure what that means, but by profit i'm talking about the 2nd part of what i said. eat some loss then buy it low

If fucking ICON dropped 50% in a week, nothing is safe OP. Except maybe VEN. Everything is crashing hard.

You didn't read his post did you?

scary arys lololol

That's not going to fucking make me profit. Selling at a loss would lose me money. What the fuck are you on about?

I'm going to be buying a couple k worth of this once the market stabilizes. You're free to sell me your bags

Shouldn't you be buying it now while its so fucking low?

Anytime you see a post like that, means he is already a bagholder of this shitcoin and is trying to shill it.

Buy in red and sell in green. I wish people would stop playing people's minds and help everyone fucking make it man.


the absolute state of bagholders. Already confirmed brainlets from red ids vs my green id.
>implying it cant go lower

I just dumped all mine after buying at 220. Sold at 175. Gonna take what I have left to ethroll and try to get it back.

sell at a 20% loss to gain 45% on the very next sell

you can do math, right?

ARY has been at the same 24hr high/low for the past five days

tfw brainlet

this post was funny. I think you are right kek

Perfect time to buy right now if you can. It's below ICO and the team has been delivering. Only has room to grow

I realize what you're saying, you're trying to say I can accumulate more ARY with that method, which is true, but that's only useful assuming ARY is a success, because I'd be losing ETH with that method and basically ensuring that I have absolutely no escape.

Just sell OP. I’m trying to get ARY back down to .000014 BTC, and I need your help

i'm saying you can do it once a day for the next week to make 30% to 45% profit every day which compounds from the day before...

I guess I'll give it a shot. Not much to lose anyways.

but that fluctuation is mostly bc of the ongoing contest, which is over by tomorrow

Former early ARY bag holder here. Ashamed I shilled as much to get of these lead bags off my hands. The tokens do 2 things only.
1. Provide investment startup.
2. Allow developers to utilize Arys platform for free.

This is an ERC20 token used to fund a half baked business. You will only profit on speculation on a worthless ERC20 token, don't forget that.

This guy gets it

So you're saying, sell at say 0.00022 ETH betting on it dipping back down to around 0.00017 ETH and accumulating more that way?

Fuck, wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the heads up bro.

Just one of the many low MC coins that would have pumped hard in a bull market but is just another shitcoin that will shackle you down in this bear market. If you feel like you can outplay the market by investing in the next hidden gem go ahead, but your chances are slim. I bought 2k ARY at ~0.00029 and will let it sit for a few months.

I thought their latest update was really nice..

> pilot installation within 15 trucks
> university cooperation
> dev got new haircut
> new offices

And you can use them to buy GS1 barcodes once that gets set up. Their only real currency-like usage. Not that that really changes much

oh i would wait
a birdy tweeted to me that maybe it will have a function for the qlink masternodes
would be a big surprise

>Meanwhile you idiots own a worthless ERC20 tolen

Oh no I saw, I’m in the Telegram. I ain’t selling. I just want others to sell me cheap bags. And the poa network? Finally got around to looking into it, and I’m incredibly excited

same, never been in a coinfess thread but i also admit to extreme fudding to get more bags
anyone who fuds without these reason must be utterly retarded honestly
out of all these shitcoins around, this one is one with the biggest potential midterm
but we all know ur larping, so go ahead