Okay, I'm out. Just sold everything. Lost $5k

Okay, I'm out. Just sold everything. Lost $5k.

It was a nice run, guys. I'll miss you.

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Thank you for leaving fag. You were never cut out for this anyway. Won't miss you

>selling near the bottom

>selling as the bulls repeatedly test the bottom and it holds


>bulls testing a bottom

>believing we're near the bottom
oh boy, you won't enjoy the next 2 months.

see you tomorrow

>Selling at a loss

You were never going to make it anyways

>He's out, pump it

what a loser

dont worry user, i did the same the other day

bought BTC at $14,250 after it came down from $19k, couldn't take it and sold at 8800 and not looking back

>Just sold everything. Lost $5k.
the absolute state of Veeky Forums

i'd say 1 month

Show me your leveraged short or kys.

You sold everything after taking losses? Clearly you broke rule #1... only invest what you can afford to lose. See you at the FOMO!

You were never gonna make it

You fucking serious? jesus

Lost over 100k investing in bitcoin at $10k and my gf left me. Now have to rebuild my entire nest egg. Poof my entire life. Thanks Veeky Forums....

This time next year when she's begging to come back don't let her

(If you didn't pussy out already)

Buy in when it hits 4k

what did you expected. Stupid money rather takes some money back home than holding. See you at below 1K

You lost because you sold idiot.


Bulls are always testing your moms bottom.

Fucking Kek


Post pics of your crystal ball user.

Because it’s never going to go higher and get back to 14k? Doesn’t take a genius to see that

Why did you buy in the first place? Hold for 6 months at least. Fucking KEK

I bet you will fomo back into crypto when btc is 30k plus

>buying a five figure asset that doubles in price in less than a month
You deserved it desu

I bought initially in 2014 for about $700/btc, saw it all the way down to $200 and all the way up to $20k. I spent more time down on my investment than up on it, you just have to invest with a view to hold for at least 5 years and not gamble money you can't afford, this puts you in a position to freak out and sell at the first sign of rocky waters.

Then why did you buy it at 14K if you obviously don't trust it to go up? Does your opinion change this easily?

You are a retard

>five figure asset
I wish i could buy and sell fractions of bitcoins

this, i'm not sure the neets on this board understand what it's like to be down thousands of dollars but still have a mortgage pay and wife to keep happy. I bought btc around 16k and sold at 8.6 and I've literally never been more relaxed now that I'm out. This was supposed to be easy money but like always the regular joes get fucked. Oh well, I'm not sure why I thought it would be any different.

>user is off the ride, pump it

You aren't supposed to invest money you can't afford to lose or money you need for rent/foods/bills/etc. you imbecile.

took me so long to get, I think you mean "voila"

>Yes, he explicitly said to pump everything. Immediately.

>norman hears about how everyone is getting rich in this new strange technology in cnn
>norman throws his savings into this sure bet investment and tells his family that things are going to be very different soon
Whales decide that they want normans money
>whales short Bitcoin knowing it will cause all the normans to panic sell
>norman give his money to whales
>norman tells all his Norman friends about how cyrpto is just a big scam and will soon be worth nothing
>whales decide that they've accumulated enough meme coins for the next exponential bullrun
you are here

Don't worry I'll be researching legal action. It's not right.

Classic reddit
This is why we dont need the suicide hotline sticky

I missed the first train 6 years ago. Now I have the money to invest. Hope all coins continue to drop even further so I can get GAINS

LUL retard

hehe op sold at the bottom. did you also buy at 20k?

>there are people who genuinely feel like this
maybe you should have googled what the bitcorn was before you dumped money into lmao

>Be institutional investor with tons of connections
>Convince idiots on the Internet that whales are manipulating the markets

God forbid you be accountable for your own choices.

Crypto is not an "investment"

lmao, hope this is unironic

I was going to catch the wave by selling a little as it was going down, and buying back as it went lower.
It turned out I sold at the lowest point, and not even 5 seconds later it started going back up.

i might be neet but atleast i am not a normie norm.

Buy high.
Sell lower.
Kys and thanks for your money.

If she left you because off money, she is a whore. You re better without her bro.

You could see it at the 8200 and several times since 2 days. Now bully begins.

>legal action

What are you going to do, sue the fucking air? Good luck with that shit.

Probably lives in America where you can fucking sue anything anyway so yes. He probably will.

My sides

Buy high sell low? You did the right thing

Yeah, I'm American and this is true but you lose money you can't afford and then hire a lawyer you can't pay to sue who, the exchange that's based in a country that don't give a shit about US laws?

hahaha OP is a literal brainlet

lmao do you actually think they aren't? that's fucking hilarious. also not mutually exclusive btw.

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need....

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

>selling at a loss

stay classy Veeky Forums

Bulls are overbought from buying in during the last couple failed breakouts, so they have no money to push the price up. Thus, the now powerless bulls resort to spamming random shit on forums in order to try to get bears to buy back in to stop the decline.


I managed to buy the the dip
Pretty satisfied about it, I don't really mind waiting to be honest
For the first time I feel pretty zen about this whole shitshow
I guess we all reach a point where we either give up (like OP) or completely stop giving fucks all together



>buying literally the shittest top 50 marketcap coin.

There is nothing in its current iteration that bitcoin does better than any other coin. You guys deserve losing money, if you had done even 30 minutes worth of research and DD you would not be in this position.

It's hilarious seeing people on here lose money in one of the largest bull markets the financial world has ever seen. Nuclear level autism.


all these posts do is confirm that it's baby's first bear market.

stay poor.