Sum up biz in one image

sum up biz in one image




keked out loud thanks

What's happening in that webm? There are people in the background sitting normally not being effected by the swaying.


desu senpai


i like this one


sauce and story?


on a boat obviously

the people in the background are the kikes who sold their souls to the machine elves for superior water stability


Well yeah I thought it was a boat too until I noticed the people in the back.

what does R : / I : mean ?

Kekd pretty hard

fuck off reddit

R: number of replies
I: number of replies with images

Newfag idiot

Boomers doing the electric slide.



get the fuck out

there is a difference between being an idiot and an ignorant. Idiot.

They ones not moving tethered up.

Yeah and you're both


That is actually pretty funny
Especially that bitch at 0:47 headbutting the pillar in the background and then going down

Just kidding its this

>in one image
>posts a webm





nice but you should have said desu desu

that guy actually posts on /sp/

It's not nearly as bad as lexplorer ("I'm going to make a phony bomb threat then report myself to the cops!")

they sold the top and bought the dip

we're all going to make it bros

is there an original with audio?