How does this look?

Besides the sea of red that is.

I am new into crypto (got in early to mid Jan). Lucky to not have gotten in during December. Those anons have my sympathy.

Anyways. I am small time. I want to get more XLM. Also, i am mining ETH at about 45 MHs. How am i doing for my first month in?

My plan is simple. Gain enough to pay off my home. I am patient so i can wait until ?????.

Any other ideas i need to think of?

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Mine is similar, mainly in link and RCN. You’re doing fine I guess. I don’t really know the current state of the market because it’s so depressing.

honestly don't fucking diversify with $100

>My plan is simple. Gain enough to pay off my home. I am patient so i can wait until ?????.

looks good user, (I'm assuming you live in the congo in a mud hut - if you mean a real home then you could probably do better collecting cans for redemption value)

well. yeah. i found that out after the fact. i am planing on using my ETH coming in to purchase more XLM. maybe pump a bit more USD in if it gets too good to pass up. sound legit?

like a fucking depression, dont diversify

sadly no congo mud hut mansion. qq

Trade it all into one small market cap coin. And then do it again. And again. Until you hit 10k.

Invest in the future kid! IF you want money now then go gamble and mine, if you want lot of money in the future search for DAG coins, it's a new technology instead of blockchain which is a lot more efficient.

desu the best advice I have for you is to invest in ethereum if youre looking for long term investing.
if you want small amounts of quick day trading cash you can do like i do and buy penny Altcoins at a low and place a sell order for a higher price and be patient. you can easily do that 2 - 3 times a day and make 10$~ a trade.

Just remember to be cautious, buy low always even if your buy order isn't placed for a week just wait you'll get it.
sell high but not too high, i always look at the history of the coin im trying to merch on coinmarketcap and ill find its all time high and place a sell order that is about 3/4 or 3/5th the price of that.

Also, be wary of coins with buy walls that have really high jumps. if you see that then don't buy it, its too late. if its a slow gradual rise then its good to buy.

You need to get lucky with a sub 1c shitcoin user, although I fear those days are gone now


also sorry i forgot.
don't listen to anyone selling coins on biz.
9/10 times its bologna.
Just choose your own coins.

Typically what i do its set the change rate to see what has the lowest percentile and i research it.
is it at a all time low? yes? buy.
Does the buy/sell walls looks like theyve been pumped and demped by whales? yes? dont buy.
do the buy/sell walls have gradual up and downs but no jumps? yes? buy.

Dont listen to anyone shiling their coins, and dont follow meme lines OP.

fuck off boomer

yeah you'll definitely make it.

>DAG coins

i may do that just to see how it works. sounds like fun and would really help me learn more i think.

not familure with dag coins. im assuming similar to ETH as it has a dag file. im thinking google will be me friend and will get me up to speed. ty

sounds good. ty user.

This. I like your strategy on accumulating ETH. OP, I'd do the same thing and just sit on ETH for a bit.

But also take a look into moria token, a security token that pays ETH dividends. DYOR, if you're going to go with the strategy of holding ETH.

lmao good thread, you've got less than the amount a literal mcdonalds workers makes in 2 days in crypto

The mines of Moria? I heard dwarves once lived there.

Jokes on you. im not McDonalds it and taking that money into the crypto world.
i figure that if i went to McDs it would turn to crap. If it turns to crap on trading, it just took longer. Not investing more than im willing to lose.

>Not investing more than im willing to lose.
that is something that more people on Veeky Forums probably need to understand and practice. so good for you user.

just be aware that the less you have in your investments the less your going to make. so keep adding to what you have as time/money allows.

good luck to you and never buy high and sell low.

desu senpai i got wiped out a few years back so i know what it is to have nothing.

>be me
>get actual cancer, not keyboard type
>beat it but it destoyed my families savings
>chemo brain makes me unable to keep job in biz mangmnt.
>work a job i can do, no savings or 401k offered
>decide, im going no mcd's (need to fight fat anyways)
>spend it on crypto.

i figure if it comes back and I die at least maybe my kids can sell it off in a few years.

that's some rough shit man.

may 2018 bring you massive gainz and good health.

leave ur eth wallet. i will send you 200$ when im home. not larping

TY user. Im hopoing for a good year

no obligation friend. if you would like perhaps donate to some one locally going through it right now. i beat it. some dont have it so lucky. maybe even find a local little one. i would be honored if you did that.

incoming pajeet larping as cancervictim

Drop stinky linky and BTC

would make me sad.

Here is a link to my cancer story. i make lame youtube vids so no hate pls.

Sorry to be heavy in here so here is a funny i put together


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Focus entirely on shitcoin pumps and dumps. You can't lose. Except you can, but you may as well try.

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I'm full CarVertical, 30M market cap, easy x5 / x10 in the future months

Also only on Kucoin, Etherdelta and IDEX. When this come to big exchanges it will moon


of those exchanges which would you recomend? i use binance and coinbase of course.

Only used Kucoin from the three, so Kucoin... Good website, fast etc... And a lot of shitcoin with low market cap

>all meme coins

If this is the average crypto trader I am sure I will make it.

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(Not from FYROM by the wayyy)


may his sticks forever be pointy and long enough to make phalanxes.

But please don't purchase this without reading the whitepaper / roadmap / team etc... DYOR

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i talked my kids into making their pets on the sims look like tide pods so you may be correct.

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word. my first job i got to drive one back in the 90s. been in love ever since... i say this as i drive a minivan...

i got in during december and turned 2k to 14k
now down to 5 though

> tfw you have a Peugeot 206 given by your mother

You still got to pay 2k in taxes, bro.

bro. im losing/gaining tens of thousands with every blockfolio refresh

i wouldnt fukin notice if 200$ are missing. why not make somebodys day? like legit leave ur eth wallet

i always give money to homeless people when i see some who really look fucked up and not just hipster homeless. i dont trust charity organisations so i havnt been able to donate for other causes so far unfortunately.

Ok my bro.


ETH homeless wanting to buy the dip without money here



I wouldn't mind getting some food and a bus ticket to see my family


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Hey dude, not sure if you'll see this among the other requests but I'd appreciate anything you can send, thanks man, I'll pass on the karma however I can

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