How much should you thrust your instinct?

Would you be in a better spot if you did or didn't?

Do not trust your instinct. You’re not special.

>How much should you thrust
balls deep always, why else live?

Instinct is not tangible, therefore you cannot insert your penis into it

I would be retired if I trusted my instinct.
t.dumped thousands of XMR at $0.70 due to FUD.

I use it most of the time, my life is hell.

Your instinct, your reptilian brain, is not evolved to deal with financial markets and numbers on a screen. Don't trust it.

>buy eth when it first reaches 1k
>goes to 1.4 k, don't sell
>crash happens
>panic sell at 920
>goes back to 1000 the next day

>buy eth at 1000k few days ago thinking this was the "dip"
>keeps crashing down to 700
>this time tell myself i wont sell, i'll go back to 1000, just as before
>it doesnt
>barely makes it to 900 before crashing to 700 again

I'm done with this bullshit non sensical market, I'm selling at 900 (if it ever makes it back) and cutting my loses, we won't see 1000 again. Who am I kidding, with my luck it will go back to 1000 right after I sell. Sorry guys this is my fault, it's waiting for me to sell so it can go back to 1000.

Fuck it all.

What about a super emotional market like crypto?

>being this much of a brainlet

>How much should you thrust your instinct?

Zero. The market is designed to manipulate your emotions, it's why TA is a thing. The only time I've ever sold anything is when there was propaganda saying so-and-so is buying. Of course it crashed soon after. Now everyone is pink wojaking so it's getting close to buy time.

What would you have me fucking do then if the market keeps doing the exact opposite of what i think it will.

if i trusted my instinct, i would have been at 300k today. but i got scared.

The opposite

if i would have some money when i was younger i would be rich
>told my sister to buy fingerprint before the moon and she made alot but ofcourse she sold it early because she wanted to buy clothes
>bought btc 2014 but had to sell it because my familiy is poor and we were going to get kicktout
>2016 still underaged and poor, father ask if i want to buy some stocks and instead i tell him about ETH
>he doesnt understand what it is and tells me that buying eth is the same thing as throwing away money.
>proceeds to lose almost everything in shitty stocks
I finally got money and started with crypto for 1 month ago. I hope ill make it goys

For financial decisions, you might want to trust your informed instinct. The context is highly unpredictable so you don’t have much of a choice really. But this is just the processor, you still need to feed it data (DYOR).

Then that wasn't really the opposite, just what I thought would be the opposite, but turns out I was right to begin with.

I just want to die.

my life would be amazing if I had trusted my instinct.

My father gave me $5k after college to invest. I told him to put all of it into Tesla. He said no and that it was a stupid risky financial decision. I'd b e up 3x at least if I had done that.

I wanted to buy into bitcoin years ago but everyone told me it was stupid. Talked to my dad about buying in early 2017 and he told me it was bullshit and a waste of money etc.

I need to stop listening to my father

Agree 100%

>Instinct told me to go for pharmacy at uni
Never fucking trust that lil shit

I thrust my wife in the stink most nights