Ask me about your investment

Ask me about your investment

Will lamden x100?

Will Bitcoin go under $7000?

Will bitcoin drop below 6k today?

What will moria do after it hits the exchange?


Will my index funds continue to predictably rise over the next 50 years?

is turtlecoin destined for greatness?

is OP faggot

nailed it

Will ARY hit $10?

Get fuckled you bitch.

reroll, thanks for checking aleister.

will ethercraft release an actual game?

ETH, 2k or back to 500?


Chainlink to 10k by eoy 2020?

Don't even have to ask, checkem

will i make it with qtum?

but its upside down

Will crypto reach 1 trillion USD market cap before summer?



My name is Alistair.

So you are all free to ask me and I will actually give you an honest reply


do you suck dicks?

Is FunFair going over $.40 this week?

i get dubs next post?

do i have enough LINK to make it this year?

Should I buy more LINK using my parents money?


Did you invest in dicks?

will i win big

will my INT recover