5 Easy Ways to Commit Suicide

1. Jumping off a building

Probably the easiest because nobody will suspect you until they find you dead. Just get to the top of a fucking building and jump down.

There’s one thing though. The time you’re “in flight” from point A to Point B at the ground is going to be so painful than you think. Especially when the building is a high rise. This is the reason why professional jumpers have their harness on, because on the way down, you might lose your limb, or tear your jaw off, or get your back twisted – you know, things like that. And when you reach down, it’s all over.

But God forbid, you survive. Life is going to be miserable. Like living with only a limb, or in a coma despising the moment you chose to jump. Not something you’d want right?

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2. Cutting your wrist

You might have seen this in movies. Cut your wrist with a sharp object and job done!

What you need to know though, is that this isn’t easy as it looks like. First the pain involved when you cut your own wrist is too much to suffer before a death. Second, if you’re not a medical practitioner, it is easy to miss that important vein – and if you miss it, you might actually survive the whole ordeal.

So, its not as easy as a simple cut anywhere on your wrist. You got to find the right veins and make sure that you don’t miss them in the process. Its not that painless after all. Also, the fact that you will not die soon but only will be unconscious for a long time, after you cut your wrist, will end you up at a hospital bed as a survivor. Think about the emotional pain you have to go through facing all those people. They’ll be like “Dude..really?”

3. Jumping off the bridge

Probably one of the easiest method, where people will not even doubt you – until you jump that is. Make sure you get to a “safe” place, where there is no one around. And make sure when you jump, there are no obstacles on your way. There have been many instances where people jumped off the bridge and got stuck on to a prong on the bridge and remained there hanging awkwardly for hours without food or water, possibly even breaking one of their ankles or limbs. You deserve better.

If people are around, one of them might call for help and get someone to rescue you. It might also be a good idea to make sure there are no swimmers around. Like if there’s one around he’ll enjoy the day rescuing you and ruin your plans to die.

4. Taking poison

This involves taking some toxic substance within your body. Poison is easy to find, as some of the daily use chemicals too can be toxic if ingested. The fun thing is that even though most toxic substances are dangerous, they aren’t lethal. Given the right kind of medical attention at the right time, your life can be saved.

Suicide by poison intake has the most number of survivals so, this isn’t a reliable way to suicide. Also, it wouldn’t taste good. Yuck!

Or you know...don't kill yourself. You're not only hurting yourself but everyone around you.

The cancer on this board is spreading to unseen levels.

5. Hanging yourself

Probably the most popular way to suicide, thanks to movies.

Supposedly, this method is very easy as it doesn’t require you to procure any additional resources like chemicals (or finding a lonely bridge). You can do it from the comfort of your house with no or very less resources. All you need is a stool/chair, a rope and a ceiling hook. I think they have a DIY kit on Amazon.

Few things you got to notice however:
– Make sure the ceiling is strong enough to hold you or you know, you’ll end up breaking your leg.
– Practice well how to tie a knot. Make sure you don’t create one that will loosen out while hanging.
– Make sure the rope is strong enough to hold your weight, or you might slip through.
– Make sure you haven’t eaten for a good amount of time before hanging or all those gross things are going to come out. Not a good sight.

Also, you might already know that movies don’t show the real thing. Don’t use them as references. They exaggerate a lot.

So, if you want to hang, get ready for a big ordeal, fighting with yourself. It has been scientifically proven that human body has “hidden” tactics that gets activated when you’re in tough environments like a sub zero one. Like when you are stuck in the sea alone with no food, or stuck in an island etc. So, make sure you don’t have a fragile mind, while trying to hang yourself.

So, there you have it. Five painless, easy way to suicide and how you can prepare for it.

Or wait a year and be richer than today.

you first


To anyone considering this: If you do it, your loved ones will not only have the grief of losing you, but the shame and uselessness of knowing if you had only stayed, it would have recovered, and you'd have had a beautiful life. They'll live with that every single day.
Suicide will still be an option next week, next month, next year. It's not like you'll miss your opportunity if you wait.
You're not stupid. Don't be shortsighted.

How much did you lose?

>You're not only hurting yourself but everyone around you.

not true. Nobody gives a shit trust me. A guy at my job killed himself recently and everyone just jokes about it.

not that i recommend suicide, but this is definitely the best way to do it.
helium, carbon monoxide, that type of stuff
easy, painless, you just go to sleep

checked and bullet unchambered thanks user

>if you had only stayed, it would have recovered, and you'd have had a beautiful life.


Pls, don't do it without making an user happy before

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From all the survivors at the golden gate bridge (or some other?) the second they jumped they all instantly regretted because shit got real and they realized all their pain and problems were easily solvable

The world has existed for billions of years before and will continue for billions of years. Might as well enjoy the ride for a few decades

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Lol its not physically painful at all to be in free fall. "losing a limb or tearing your jaw off" lmao.

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This. Just make sure it doesn't contain too much air.

you're not supposed to cut urself dry fucking newfag.
>fill bath with lukewarm, medium-hot water
>lie in
>cut ur veins: remember that it's down, not across
>you will barely feel the pain but after a while you will lose subconsciousness and life
i was literally told this in school by a teacher lol


>5 painless easy ways
>all methods involve pain

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It's like you've never been on the other Chan's /suicide/ board. Those are all horrible suggestions.

1. OD on fentanyl: if you have no resistance to opiates, 5mg can kill you. Buy 1g, figure $80-$120 depending where you live even if they rake you over the coals. Unlike other suicide methods where your last moments are misery, it'll be 30 seconds of pure bliss before the lights go out. And no the paramedics cannot know you're ODing with their psychic powers and travel at the speed of light to be able to apply Narcam in those few seconds. Chance of success, 100%, the 200x the lethal dose for a drug where even a little too much is deadly.... is absolute overkill.

2. Shotgun blast to the face: guns are not 100% sure since the skull is so hard, a point-blank blast should finish you. The issue is that acquiring one maybe be difficult for some people and you'll leave a gruesome fucking scene if you have people that care about you. Chance of success, 99% if you do everything right.

No other methods are worth even entertaining desu if you legitimately want to kill yourself and not just throw a hissyfit for attention.

A practical guide to suicide may be of use to some folk here, or you could attempt to purchase some barbiturates perhaps Pentobarbital, the trouble is acquisition, once acquired whip up a cocktail of aesthetic. Your good to go! I think anyway...

What about explosives like hand grenades or TNT?

Outdated info, the "exit bag" will no longer save you from the pains of life. They add a suffocant now, you'll flail around like a fork in a garbage disposal unless you have the steel will of a Tibetan monk.

why not just drive a car at fuckhuge speed and just ram it into a tree without a seatbelt? Easy to make it look like an accident so your loved ones don't think you're a suiciding piece of shit bitch. You can even take some people with you in the crash if you're feeling spicy.

The best one: suicide by cop
Start stealing shit, raping, killing etc.. Live your life like a king while you can, then just get shot to death when you get tired of it.

Honestly don't get why people kill themselves in such boring and cowardly ways

But you won't go to heaven user?

shame on you pajeet

>The best one: suicide by cop
>Start stealing shit, raping, killing etc.. Live your life like a king while you can, then just get shot to death when you get tired of it.

Only in murrica.

How do I profit off people comitting suicide ? Can we use the blockchain to turn suicides into a business ?

Not even anymore, too many bodycams now. Unless you go at him literally guns blazing.

I know someone that jumped off a high rise over a girl.

He didn't hit the ground, he smashed through a ledge on the way down - still died though.

Didn't expect that at all - was in the pub with him drinking beers only a few months before.

haha imagine committing suicide only for link to breach the 100 usd mark 1 year from now

don't do it user, if link is not 100 by EOY you can do it, and i'll join you

Most peaceful DIY methods
>1. Exit Bag
>2. Bleed out in a warm bath tub

do NOT jump from tall bridges into the water, you will break your bones and drown. google golden gate bridge suicides