The absolute state of biz

>the absolute state of biz

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meme bubble was right i guess....

Lets try to catch despair then.




never disrespecting the memebubble again

Still making money

And you?


It's called correction, fucktard. Every high peak is followed by a big dip. Crypto is the future, it won't get abandoned.

>its just a coincidence that its happening to every crypto
My sides, enjoy becoming a wagie.

Ok, whos going to put money in to pump it further.

>Crypto is the future

and why exactly

Picture of cash in hand?

People like you once fomo hits.

I am already in, I am still up, so its not me. Everyone who is everyone already put money in, friends, family, grandma, grandpa, you fucking name it. Big money ain't buying high unless it saves them money.

>is nit i bibbli

Because it is way more convenient than cash. Think about it, no need for dollars and euros anymore on the internet. International trade will be made much more accessible.

cuz alipay is slow and the chinese know it

>he didnt sell on the pump of the century

even now you can sell and lock in huge gains

Maybe some cryptos with better technical aspects an regulations (like Monero) have a place in the future, but BTC is one of the worse ones precisely because it's one the first ones. Do you remember how people said that Aliweb was the future and too great to fail? it wasn't, the future turned out to be Google. BTC will be dead and forgotten in less than a decade.

I was talking about crypto as a whole, not just BTC. Everyone knows ETH will take over BTC soon and someone will take over ETH after that. Coins rise and fall, but crypto will always be there.

>I told you so, Son. It was a bubble. So when can you move out? Your mom and I have been supporting your endeavors for long enough. You should be able to get by on your own now.

>noincoiner here bro.

Bitcoin is coming down to me, come to Papa....

nots a bubble

what's so bad about dollars and euros

ETH is a speculative bubble and it's gonna burst as well. ETH will be dead and forgotten in less than a decade.

>bitcoin futures
>everything goes to shit

W-was it the jews?

you are lucky it ever went up at all considering no one even talks about it being a currency anymore

you cant put them on the iphone
you can only use credit card

coiners thought the ability to easily short btc was a good thing

HAHAHAHHAHA OP hasn't already 100x his money

I can lose/corrupt my iphone/hard drive and all my money is suddenly gone, unrecoverable, as it has happened to hundreds of people who deal with crypto.

Did it ever dawn on you that all cash is a bubble? We literally hand out pieces of papers in exchange for services. It is about the trust we put in these things that gives it value. If ETH gains and keeps trust, it will not burst.

even simple stuff like venmo exists

>We literally hand out pieces of papers in exchange for services. It is about the trust we put in these things that gives it value.
Wrong, it's the value of the services. If I take 10 of your chickens and give you 2 goats next week, and you get an IOU in the meantime, what's driving the economy is not the value of the IOU, it's the cost of the food that the goats and chickens consume; therefore the cost of the work of the people who farmed their food, and since nobody works for free the "bubble" can't burst. The economy doesn't depend on speculation in order to work, don't delude yourself with your cuckcoins fantasy.

What makes you think crypto won't gain that status? The crypto market will stabilise in a few years.

>doesn't use log scale

hello newfag

>have to wait 9 more years until another bubble

how the hell did you get to that number?

1^2=1 (length of 1st dip)
2^2=4 (length of 2nd dip)
3^2=9 (length of next dip_

Great for deluding yourself tbf.

even if that were true i don't give a fuck. I'm all in, down with the ship or rich as a motherfucker.

nope, the other way around. you'd understand if you had a grasp of basic math.


>what is backup

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need-

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

You assumed that the bank also fails, which is a rare scenario

Well if you do not write down your private key yes... which you should be cause else you are just back into banking

The jews will never allow this.

If you want crypto to be successful you need to wipe out the jews.

I've used logs to make things viewable, like with settlements. Here you can see everything fine with the basic graph, in fact you can see differences even better.

>retard thinks bitcoin is going to have a $20 trillion dollar market cap

It's hard capped under $40k. It's real cap is like $5k once everyone realizes they're not going to become billionaires off of it.

>mfw looking at this graph and lining up mtgox transaction history

The jews wont allow it because they were not the first ones in.

>he thinks world is USA