Are you ready for tonight's bloodbath Veeky Forums?

Are you ready for tonight's bloodbath Veeky Forums?

I know something you don't. If you are still holding cryptos I would strongly suggest to not sleep tonight, it's going to be completely savage.

Pro-tip: track the mempool.


>track the mempool

What exactly am I looking for?


More sellers than buyers

The crash of 2018 happens due to oldfags, those from 2010, selling off

Why, because BTC is not Bitcoin, its not what we worked on mined and bought when we began.
We didnt want higher fees than western union.
We didnt want unconfirmed trx for days.

w-whats a memepool?

I don't think you know what a mempool is

What we looking at here?

I can't wait. A dip to 8k is not even a crash. I demand a full ride to 4k. Delusional retards need a lesson, and I'll pick up good stuff at the bottom.

ok so sell it off later when the rest of the market can stand on its own feet you fucking dweebs

At a stupid OP

Where unconfirmed transactions stay.

BTC had +100000 unconfirmed transactions... When trx started confirmkng...the dumpening began.

Its oldfags moving their cold storage to exchanges to dump on you.


nigga it's already crashing, you're like a month late

and all these original holders waited to sell at the bottom instead of somewhere near the top months ago?

pro tip
bitmain sold off their btc already

>Its oldfags moving their cold storage to exchanges to dump on you.

so does this mean a tasty dip to buy? or should I stay out of it and just watch from a distance?

The exchanges are going to respond to this somehow. They will not let the entire thing crash. Too much at stake now.

>track the mempool

it's where memes are born user

>Its oldfags moving their cold storage to exchanges to dump on you.
How are all the oldfags in cahoots? Game theory would say if they are it is massively to their advantage to fuck each other over.

Mean while, I've already made $50 on every ETH I bought tonight.

They tried dumbass their trxs got stuck for weeks
Now their BTC is at exchanges and they are dumping
Its a competition between these big boys and smaller gayfish like yourself to fill the god damn bids.

Get the fuck out and watch from afar
This bear will last for at least 3 months, or worse, 1-2 years

t b h even if op is a faggot there's some truth in that
bitcoin holders from 2011-2016 aren't smart investors. they're drug addicts who forgot their dust, pajeets who pooled their savings when it was $500 per btc, plain morons who held simply because they can't do a proper risk/reward assessment, enthusiasts who didn't care about the price. almost everyone smarter sold during 2017
if you're a rational person and see something you bought for pennies turn into life-changing money, you're going to secure part of it. you sell some, and let the rest (if any) ride.
but if you're a moron in an uptrend, you're going to hold onto every single coin you have, convinced it will go up forever. but then when the price keeps going down and down, you start seeing those paper gains you visualized in your head as yours disappearing before your eyes. even for those who didn't care about the price before, now it feels like losing something. losing SIGNIFICANT sums.
panic ensues. selloffs trigger more selloffs. if tether implodes, we can absolutely see btc go to 1k

oh gtfo with this fud. It'll last untill June/July just like it did last year and the year before that. EOY BTC is going to ATH, too much interest for it to be a 2014 meme.