We are in Depression. Recovery imminent

We are in Depression. Recovery imminent

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i say we are in anger. this won't be over until march.

It's pretty clear we are in denial, your post confirms it

1k BTC confirmed

Still in the denial stage because you think it's the depression stage


This is denial. 4k coming leaving the as the whales leave the normans with the bags.

OP, we're halfway through the crash already, don't worry.

I think we're at the bottom of Denial and about to pump... Then massive crash (hopefully). It's followed it perfectly so far so why not.

I'm absolutely angry about the shorters. They get gain for doing NOTHING but being sheep following turdburglar kikes. Crypto will only be kill if go "can't beat em join em."

no we arent





Oh nah brah, check out this dude

btc to 4-5k, total mcap to 200b. total market cap won't recover for 3-4 years until crypto-assets can show some real-world value.

>real world use

you'll fomo back in in 2 years, don't worry

We are in capitulation. Just look at the board man. /biz is like France in 1940.



Guys... is it all over? Is the dream over?

>Why did the government allow this to happen??
The absolute state of land of the cucked.

I hope so, I'm tired of Veeky Forums being 95% crypto shilling. There used to be stock, small business, tax, moonlight/hobby, occupation/degree, etc threads. All you crytpofaggots shat the board right into hell.

$0 buttcoin confirfmed

Falling wedge is a bullish indication, within the next month the next bullrun will begin. Just go get lost in a video game for a month and come back, your portfolios will be looking so much better and so will your mental health.


Shut up. We can go back to that after we make it. This is important for all of us. We’re here forever so just relax, pal.

Truthfully I hope this happens
It would be a little nice to just sit back and accumulate until say, late 2019-2020

>real world use

>retarded useless distributed ledger and smartcontracr memes


i actually said the complacent thing


It's nowhere near depression. If this follows the model, it's still in anxiety/denial, and will be for months.


Just wait once we break that 200MA daily tmrw or on tuesday

we are in capitulation

Nope. A lot of you are still thinking this is a dip. You're still in anxiety.

I mean I got over a 300% ROI in crypto and I'm still in for a few grand after initial cashouts, but it is to the point where you faggots need your own containment board like /pol/.

too pessimistic user,
it's clear by OP's post the we are in denial
has shown

Bull run? Based on what? Who's buying the run? You already tapped out the ignorant bagholders. Wall Street isn't going near crypto after the last two months. Banks either. Where are these buyers for your bull run?

Oh, that's right, in your head. They don't exist. Learn to study markets, not pipedreams and unicorns.


Can you say ... D E N I A L

Get a job

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need,!

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

Crypto has real world use. Instant or near instant transfer. No government meddling. No central bank meddling. Semi- or fully anonymous. Distributed and decentralized.

Credit cards take up to 3 days. Credit cards can be frozen or denied. Interest on credit cards. Forex fees and 3% usage fees. Credit cards are monitored and scanned for what the banks consider irregularities and are reported to government authorities.

And money is now simply a ledger of credits and debits. There is nothing backing it. Why the need for centralization? Oh because corporate entities own and tell you what to think. They say it's ok to automate human activities but corporate activities can't. They'll also tell you it's ok to fuck your own DNA with vaccines and genetic manipulation but don't mess with corporations. It's for your safety.

The truth is this: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.


>Crypto has real world use
yet fewer and fewer are using it.

If you think Wallstreet isn't positioning themselves to load up their bags with cheap bitcoin and certain alts then you my friend are living in a pipe dream. The dawn of the crypto era is a once in a lifetime kinda thing, the volatility and unregulated market is the wet dream of day traders and whales. I'm loading my bags and by the end of this year I will look back at this and thank the stars I wasn't a fucking brainlet who pisses himself at the sight of every little bear market.


You let fear cripple you.

Wall Street isn't going anywhere near this dumpster fire. I trust the people I know who actually work at those firms, over some user try hard coinfag.

>Telling himself that his bubble assets have a future use case
>Muh system, muh next digital economy



Crypto is a zero sum game user, trust no one, not even your firm buddies.

The delusion is strong in this one.

If you don't want shorters you'd also want less growth.

Cant you all faggots just sell already so we can get over with this shit?


Cheap bitcoin was $12.

I am ready to sell honestly. Im thinking this will either go to 6k or 8k. The only way this stops is a group of millionaires MAKES it stop... and why would they? Why would you stop it now when you could let this fall all the way to 2k

i meant 6k or 3k

do it m8, crypto is kill, get out while you can.

Completely accurate. There is so much money to be made for seasoned traders and you are telling me they dont want any part of it? lol.

Im not a seasoned trader so I will simply hold, but this is so far from over its insane. We are 5x on the MC from 5 months ago. People are pissing their panties for quite literally no reason.

We're all at panic

And yet Goldman Sachs is launching a crypto trading desk by July of this year.

After tomorrow cheap bitcoin will be 9k


I already exited. I'll buy back when it bottoms out.

we might be reaching denial at this point

the problem with superimposing this graph on the btc price is that there were at least 3 other dips that you could've called the top at, provided you zoomed out far enough.

It's dropping again. Pretty sure we're at Anxiety.

Why would the crash last longer than the bull run?


Nice argument


as the price goes down do you expect new people to be buying in, making "unique transactions?" No. It is the jews who have been here, and will stay here, not creating those unique transactions, accumulating your cheap bags. fuckin cluck

He said crypto in general has a use, not specifically that piece of garbage

Please all of you people cash out, go find a job and stop shitting here. You guys are idiots.

we're going down to 4 at least

Well, someone big will definitely get in.
Bullrun was a test of how much people are willing to pay for digital gold.
Who knows, what their plans might be. Probably upgrade the centralizded structure and scale the tx and amount of coins, since 21M was too low.
But you have to be deluded if you think, they are stepping away from possible trillion dollar market.

I see this as a blessing from the crypto gods. I smoked DMT earlier today whereby my spirit was confronted by the Divine Machinery and showed me a vision of the future. We’re all gonna make it, lads.

Did the Divine Machinery happen to tell you where the bottom of this dip will be?

See? You were wrong and it's going to drop a lot more.


>Blockstream coin

There is a reason transactions have slowed...


In a very shallow summary (since the barrier of language prevents me from perfectly communicating the experience): The Machinery revealed that the rise of human consciousness and transition out of the Kali Yuga will be signaled by the transfer of human wealth away from the darkness and towards the light, a mass awakening of consciousness as more wealthy individuals have the freedom to reach spiritual enlightenment and have the financial freedom to influence the reality of the greater world around them, and the collapse of the Federal Reserve. It is all part of the cycle of the ages, user. There are more details and inexplicable beauty to describe.. but those details are impossible to be expressed on Veeky Forums.

Fucking this, these fucks need a board of their own to shill on.