Have normie roommate thats self concious about his 90/k job that he brags about

>have normie roommate thats self concious about his 90/k job that he brags about
>never talks to me for the whole year, and focuses on the roasties on our hall
>normie roommate overhears me talking about crypto and stocks with parents
>realizes i have a 4x his networth when younger and worked less hard
I see him again 5 hours later
>i dont want to share my networth
>i told you at the beginning of the year.
>well, the tech's not as good as alt coins

God dammit. im scared ill be murdered in my sleep now.

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I can just picture what kind of person he is

>the tech's not as good as alt coins
sorry user, you need to educate yourself rather than follow the hive mind that is Veeky Forums.

this is so relevant.

he's 100% right though

You can be a bitcoin maximalist and still believe that.

nice humble brag/blogpost. Keep me posted

>unironically /r/bitcoin
go back

>buttcoiners still think their coin can be saved
oh myyyy

Not really, the blockchain tech as a whole suffers the same issues as BTC. And if youre thinking of muh fees and muh speed argument: other blockchains are not used a widely, btc is spam attacked thus increasing fees. bla bla bla. ask yourself is BTC hit 1k and takes everything with it, would you be buying the BTC dip or some shitcoin dip? Most people buying alts now are doing so on the premise it will be the next BTC (price) ....adoption? Meh.

its a mistake to disclose your gains
every normie who knows of my gains gets immensely jealous and starts spamming irl bullshit like:
>I got a raise i make 200k a year nao
>I am so busy user I work so much gotta make that cash haha
>gotta get that pussy user haha

Wow omg woe is you

i respect the troll

That's a great story OP. Hey have you heard of this thing called Facebook? I think you'd like it a lot.

Hes very hyperactive and tries to be friendly with everyone around him by making shitty ironic XD jokes everyday, and gets offended if no one laughs. He also likes to brag about his grades and being "cool".

Basically, anyone who talks very fast and very friendly at first is most likely to be a self conscious loser. Only trust calm and chill guys.

Didnt read but godamn I want to cuddle Nico as I fall to sleep
I rub to rub my nose on her cheek, as she blushes
I want to wake up to her snoring
I want to make her feel special
I want to marry Nico.

wow omg that really sucks but at least on the brightside you get to disclose the fact that you make a lot of money and some normie was jealous of your financial gains

>having a roommate.


I'm 19 with a 480k networth, never worked before and I tell people when they ask. I really don't see why people make a big deal about it, people aren't going to ask for money. That's never happened to me.

Hey, I remember you, it was 1.6 million last time, what it's worth now?

this is such a LARP wtf is going on a guy is in college and has a full time job at the same time?

what a stupid fucking LARP

welcome to the Millenials reality. 2 majors 35 hours. Thank you Boomers

Her passion and dedication for being an idol girl really turns me on. I want to encourage her dreams with a nice dicking..... and listening to j pop with her too.
i really didnt even care. I was talking about taxes with my parents. Now i got a self concious faggot whose going to be nagging me about stocks and crypto all year. For good or worst, hes the dorm's RA. So, he might have to hold back to look more professional, or this faggot might try to get me in trouble or something.

Sounds like a self-inflicted reality. College is a choice.

Not so fast
As an Idol she refuses to have boyfriends, its in the rulebook. she will be virgin for life
Nico Maki is canon

technically its a suite mate. The reason i dont see the point in bragging about money is
1.) its not that cool of a hobby. its not as cool as being able to write music or draw
2.) There are already rich kids who have 1 million dollars worth of clothes starting out in college. So whats the point in taking pride/
never had 1.6 million once.
nope. he alwasys brags about how hes GOING to have a 90 k job as soon as he graduates.

how can you have so much money and still live in the same room as some other cunt?

Yes, if an entry level position for 25K a year wouldn't require literally 2 Majors and 5 years work experience. Again thank you Boomers, I hope you will enjoy dying alone in nursing homes being tortured by aunt Schanigua

Maki was just the experimental best friend. She finds the taste of pussy atrocious. Now she realizes her true love of life: user. And shes no longer a young innocent idol girl. Shes now a christmas cake j pop singer.

Most Millennials have terrible grades and never had actual jobs beyond what high school students do. Then they wonder why everybody hesitates to hire them part-time at minimum wage

freshman required to live in dorms. plus, dorm is cheaper. I aint gonna spend $1500 a month for single bedroom apartment.

some people accumulate wealth by living cheaply

>never had actual jobs beyond what high school students do

Fuck the academia meme, I get my truck licence. Somebody has to bring the Jews and Boomer to the camps

>if an entry level position for 25K a year wouldn't require literally 2 Majors and 5 years work experience

I was making more than that at 18 as a roofer with no experience.

where the fuck do you live, I'm only paying 300 for mine

kys dumb nico poster

that truck license will go further than most degrees. well done

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need,

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

In the same spot as you user.

I made 75k in ecommerce last year, my roommate made about the same running his YT channel. We both go in on small business ventures each month and split the profits.

I just fucking hate living in the same room as someone.

oh user, leave that job for the real losers.. yes someone has to do it but its a terrible job of boredom, 12-14 hour days, and low pay for the type of life you actually lead. You cant get your youth back so please think about what the job really is before you just hop in and decide to make your life all about that..

Kek, you're probably doing better than most people going to college. I'll never understand how you fuckers can back that thing up with a foot or two of clearance on each side.
t. electrician

No other coin can handle the load bitcoin handles
Muh super instant fast altcoins... great so what, they see 100 transactions a day
Ethereum is insecure as fuck, millions and millions being stolen because of shitty coding. Network shuts down whenever there is a popular ico or a new Ponzi scam game.
Muh tech = value is nothing but a marketing trap for retards who are obsessed with new releases of smartphones, Gpus and cpus every 12 months

I really really really don't understand how grown men can watch idoltrash, let alone pedo bait idoltrash. If i was OP's room mate i'd beat his ass for being in to idoltrash

what the fuck. The apartments here literally charge $600 minimum for 4 people rooming together.
thats pretty cool. Oh yeah, were not in the same room; just suite mates. Next year tho, im gonna be rooming with my good asian friend!
my roommate literally blasts pop music in the shower and sings to it. Ive gotten him to go away just blasting some metal. i also do weight lifting. LMAO

Welcome to the current year.