We should've shorted three days ago

when that dude posted a fucking smirking wojack saying he shorted x100. BTC has dropped 2K from his post. We all called him a larping faggot but he probably actually made that 230K and took a vacation. Anybody else remember that post?

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considering its zigzagged significantly he'd easily get stopped out lol

Yes. He was correct, but still a cunt.

>Anybody else remember that post?
I do and I did, as I do usually.
In situations like this your can make more money when BTC crashing than you can chasing moon missions if you know what you're doing, just by trading BTC, no need to touch altcoins.
Why are you missing out on these gains? BitMEX (the "mex" stands for Mercatile Exchange) is the only exchange in the world that offers 100X leverage (but it's not because you can that you must, go small and work your way up).
Let me explain what this means. So lets say you were to have shorted (placed a sell order) for BTC at $10000. Let's also say you only have .01 BTC to trade with, or $100 worth. With .01 BTC at x100 leverage you can sell 1 BTC. Then for every dollar BTC goes down, your position is worth $1 more. Say BTC goes to $8000, if you close your position you then get that $2000 in profit paid to you in BTC, that's a 2000% profit
I would suggest you learn TA before you start trading. You can train using their testnet (free).
You want a moon mission? BitMEX is your moon mission.
Euros and others can sign up but US users are banned (just sign up with a proxy and then you can login from a US IP with no questions asked). If you're going to sign up use my reference code, using a reference code gives you a %10 discount in fees. May not sound like much but it's saved me hundred of dollars in the past weeks: bitmex.com/register/toYHiE

- Interface is amazing with professional grade advanced order types
- Liquidity it offers is completely unmatched, it's the biggest exchange volume wise: coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/volume/24-hour/no-fees/
- BTC deposits take less than 10 minutes: just 1 confirmation from the network needed
- Never down, doesn't matter the load, no shady flash crashes caused by website being down like Poloniex does

Bitconnect nigger spotted, go back to trading KFC futures with your affiliate codes

Why is there so much pol cucks in here lately? Is it the smell of money or pol is down for some reason?

thank you for this post. I have learned a lot of TA but never really needed it because I've just been ICO hopping (been successful). By proxy do you mean a VPN? Which one would you recommend? I saved your referal code for when I do sign up.

Implying any of the fucktard "traders" here know what a stop is

>You want moon mission? MitMEX is your moon mission
completely disregard post, folks.

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I'm not even rustled, just find it funny that the smell of money baits you harder than kikes and you gamble your money like degenerate. Heed your own advices gaylord.

Proxy or VPN, whatever will give you a IP outside of USA basically.

Here's my advice for anyone who wants to trade on bitmex

1. Read the docs and make sure you understand exactly how the contracts work (both futures and swap), profit/loss calculation and how liquidation works. make sure you understand the difference between mark price and index price

3. Make some trades on the testnet to confirm your understanding of the contracts and the site in general

4. I prefer trading on Cross. it's very important to not trade too many contracts. I strongly recommend not to trade so many contracts that your are more than 2x leveraged. ideally less than 1x, at least in the beginning

5. 1x shorts are way to cash out without using tether/fiat.

Trading with leverage is a lot harder than most people think. By far most traders on there lose money because they use too much leverage, those that trade with x100 leverage lose all their money, so don't use that.

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thank you user, I will do my research! When I set up my proxy I got you!

this is confirmation bias like you see that it worked out well and now you feel remorseful that you didn't profit

>why didn't I buy BTC for $1
>why didn't I buy ETH for $0.10
>why didn't I pick the winning lottery numbers

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Who knows. He might’ve had the capital to keep the trade going, after all, he did have enough to short 100 btc, if he’s a legit trader he probably has backup cash.

>I have browsed here for two years so I am an oldfag:the post

>I'm here since /pol/ and /soc/ exist: the post