Sorry if you sold below 8k

here we go boyos

bitcoin's back alright~!

Is it really happening or is it just a false alarm like the past few days

just whale games

I think the bears are not done yet. Two more weeks

back down to 1k friend

>its not monday yet

get ready for more pink wojaks soon

I see you're already in the bargaining stage. The inherent value of BTC is about $17, not $1k.

go wagecucking forever poor overworked fag

corrections finally over
resistance was tested around 8k and held strong, we mooning now boys

How do you calculate that?

>what is dead cat bounce

It was just a matter of time.

why do people say DCB and Cup and handle all the time for minute scale events when they only apply to long term trends? They're false breakouts, not DCBs - fucking annoying faggot cockgobblers

>btc crashing
>alts bleeding
>btc starts mooning
>alts keep bleeding

The inherent value of your house is ~$3k, the inherent value of your entire life so far is ~$5k. The inherent value of a liter of water is ~$0.0001, the inherent value of bread is $0.001, I can go on

tl;dr - you're fucking retarded

Could be head and shoulders about to form indicating trend reversal... but still a bit too early to call it. Not gonna risk it just yet, but at this price it's still gonna be a great entry point compared to what the price will be 3 months from now

name the catalyst

Holding bitcoin is comfy

Pretty gangster

there is no TA trend, there is no reversal.

big money saw the opportunity to float something to the moon, bail out for big bucks and leave it to die.

it is now dying. its inherent value is nothing. noone wants anything to do with BTC, even steam and tesla stopped taking it.

let it die and start anew.

Well considering Mobey Dick whale bots control the market what do tiu think will happen?

>inherent value of BTC
Lol its 0


False alarm. Major exchanges have suspended new registrations. Where the fuck the money is supposed to come from? Inb4 institutional investors. They sure as hell won't be buying it at a high price.

I compared it with other cryptos that aren't in speculative bubbles, using their technical features as comparison points and considering the services they offer (e.g. distributed calculations). BTC is one of the coins with the lowest inherent value because it doesn't have any of the nice features that were invented later. On top of that it can't be used efficiently due to escalability issues and lack of optimization. Several cryptos have the potential to be worth around $60, but BTC will stabilize under $20. I can say that it will happen at $17 with a certainty of 83%
>this is the level of understanding on economics that HODLers have
You should've weeks ago like every intelligent person; back when your shoeshiner started talking about investing in BTC. I advise you to wait for a $3,000 hike within the next 4 days, and cash out then, because the rest of the way is all down from there.

*reads my magic 8 ball*
yes this is the real thing

There are 0 (zero) institutional investors.

This is the 733746th bulltrap this week