Lul bitcucks

lul bitcucks

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The more I see this the more the harsh reality of it really hits. Pls don’t b like this



nice support at $200

i want to die

february 6th ... will be fun

+ hopefully tether/bitfinex soon fuck off crypto this thing is just waiting to create a coin holocaust ...

There are people still shilling this crypto-garbage. Think about that.

Buy high sell low. Wait until it hits $800 before selling.




Just a speed bump faggot no coiner

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need.

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>I k-know it was $20,000 a month ago, but it will end up in $200, so obviously we won... HA!
Almost as if bargaining was one of the stages of... Oh wait... This fits the graph like a glove...

Random discord links, all the "tools" you need. Yeah you can always trust random discords!


>sample size: 3

But we are below 100 and even 200 day moving average now.....

Coordinated FUD probably from /pol/ most likely. You stupid fucks are so salty that a lot of us made money in crypto you come out of your caves the second the market turns red with “bubble I told you!!!” posts. Get a fucking hobby of buy some crypto already and shut the fuck up

>the second the market turns red.
>68% loss
>the second the market turns red.

You made unrealized "gains" temporarily while it was high.

Unless you cashed out, you didn't make money. And if you're cashing out, you're defeating the purpose of buying in


I’m so terrified, really I am. I’m literally shaking. Please /pol/ tard no coiner salty bitch. If I sell everything now do you promise it will be ok? Will you guide me through themes times of uncertainty? Seriously how fucking pathetic are you losers lmao. I’ve made more money off crypto these past 8 months than your piece of shit job probably pays you in 6 years salty bitch

>don't even hold btc
>every other coin is a de facto btc derivative, even ETH

Overlapping the graphs like this implies that we went from stealth to blow off in 4 months.

I'm sure you have.
>pic related

>stopp crashing the market guise, I bought in at $17,000 because the friendly merchant told me it would be at $1M by the end of 2018
>where's my free money?

delet please


Crypto moves way faster than anything

You do know that next to nobody on this board even holds btc? Retard

>durrrrr does anyone else hate bitcoin
>huurrrrrrr durrrrrr duhhhhhhhh bitcoin scam right mommy?
>hrrrerrrr rrrredurrrrrrrrr I’m a poor fag and a salty bitch hirrrrrrrrr
>I have nothing better to do than to shitpost about BTC hurrrrrrdurrrrrrr derrrrrrrrrr hurrrrrruruuurreeerrrrrrrrgg

Bitcoin stayed between $200-$400 for like 2-3 years after the first big crash in 2014.

not 200

that's the EMA not the standard MA


at this point its just bait to see how butthurt people get
Veeky Forums has been pretty transparent

I think the bubble chart is correct, this is the despair. We are going to return to the mean