All memes and jokes aside, can someone explain to me why he's the "bad guy" again? I like him...

All memes and jokes aside, can someone explain to me why he's the "bad guy" again? I like him. I think he's a genuine person. Am I wrong?

Also, I've learned over time that when someone is labelled the "bad guy", and others urge you to label them this way too, it might not actually be the case...

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He is passionate about BTC, like most are. However, he has a tendency to just regurgitate things he has read or heard without fully understanding them. He isn't a tech guy, hes a smart investor. The dude probably hasnt sold his BTC at 20k even though he supports BCH. Secondly, because he doesnt fully grasp the tech he can come off as douchey. This then snowballs into other people not liking him and him being attacked and ergo, everyone hates him.
I think some of his past actions have also landed him in shit, had he kept to just investing in BTC he would be well praised and liked by everyone.

he's not white

There are probably not that many people who understand the tech. If you want mainstream adoption, 99% won't understand the tech and won't even attempt to. You think they know how fiat works? Yet they spend their lives working for it, kill for it, die for it...

I don't particularly care about his past actions either, he hasn't done much wrong in my opinion.

He's not "the bad guy" and you're right to like him. The people shitting on him are just the brainwashed corecucks (actually paid to do it or otherwise). Nobody outside of those pathetic individuals actually thinks he's a bad guy or really even cares much for that matter.

Regardless of what you think the best token is out there, if you see Roger bashing, Jihan bashing, lightning network will fix it, or bcash bcash bcash from someone you should be completely disregarding their input 100%.

He's not the bad guy. Blockstream are the cancer that are killing crypto. They pulled off a coup to get control of BTC, and folded to bigger banks at the first chance.

ehs a pretty cool guy, supports free markets and doesnt care about anything

bcash lol

I actually thin bitcoincash people are more logical and actually understand shit unlike bitcoin maximalists Those guys are blind AF. I don't give a fuck about BTC or BCH but If I had to pick one I'd choose BCH over BTC aka High fees pile of garbage

True, you dont need to know the insides of a car to drive it. However, if a car starts to run into problems that cannot be solved you need to understand the problem. I fear blockchains issue will become more prominent when the average joe actually uses crypto for something other than a get rich quick scheme.

Only normies and corecucks think he's a bad guy lmao

Richard Heart starts to explain it for your dumbass at 41:40

This guy is the worst crybaby I've ever seen. And he is constantly shitting on developers that do a lot of work without even getting paid for it. Work that he himself is profiting from. Not cool.

for all the reasons mentioned here. He's a hypocrite and a liar.

He was paid to lie for mtgox
He is behind every shitty btc fork, classic unlimited etc
Many other scam projects he has been involved in
And an all around ass hole. See the "stop calling it bcash I'm a self made millionaire treat me with respect!!!" bullshit.

Perfect example of a brain dead fanboy or a paid shill right here


>Richard Heart starts to explain it for your dumbass at 41:40
Richard says that the Cash developers are parasites on the Blockstream developers when at first it was only the Cash developers who had access to the code, but they let the Blockstream team get access and the Blockstream team revoked the access of the Cash developers. Heart is such a lying soyboy it is ridiculous. Then he says Ver is shilling Bitcoin Cash because he owns it, but Richard Heart is doing exactly the same thing. Its hypocritical.

I liked him aswell at first, he seemed to be in for all the right reasons, but he obviously likes attention, he got dubbed crypto jesus and his ego inflated harder than the dollar.
He's a serious narcisist who can't shut up about his net worth. Besides that, he's lied to people about Mt. Gox reading words of a paper to which people lost millions, and makes up shit about BTC to further his own agenda. Its disgusting really, yet he still gets off telling people he's done so much and has so much money.

That's why the average joe needs a normalfag-friendly interface (i.e. Request).

He did a shill tweat for the obvious AXP cash grab ICO, luring hundreds of reta.. err brave anons into that fucking piece of an utter shittoken.

triggered - so sad to see this

Corecucks drive a taxi without wheels and they expect you'll pay the fare, the gas and the road. Also to get on the taxi you have to walk to the bank, that's what we call lightining network. But if you allowed bcashies to push a button that would kill every person on Earth and it would make them rich they would push it 30 times and if you say wow that's fucked up they'll call you a hypocrite. That's not a metaphor.

btc vs. bch is all about "my shilling attention whore is better than yours"

You're joking right, all I did was show that if Richard is right about Roger than Richard is exactly what he labeled Roger. Refute this. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Isn't Ver anti war?

Leftist groupthinkers hate actual true entrepreneurs. His existence makes them realize they are inferior to him.

>btc vs. bch is all about "my shilling attention whore is better than yours"
That's my point, the only argument the Segwit side has is that their whores are best. The Bitcoin Cash side also has the technology arguments. I don't enjoy watching the Segwit side make these personal attacks, but it is always their go to strategy.

As for core, someone needs to explain to them that you never actually own a copyleft open source project, however many lines of code you chose to contribute. That's a missconception that I saw first in XDA developers where dudes take code from Google, add a couple of lines and then call anyone who in turn bases it's work on their code a thief and a kang. Do most of the core devs by any chance happen to be of asien descent?

Roger Ver knew a block size increase was necessary, like anyone with half a brain. If you fell for the LN meme youre a fucking idiot

I don't hate the guy for hustlin, I just disagree with him when he says that Bitcoin Cash, (bcash) is Bitcoin and that he becomes a flamboyant fucking dickhead when you say otherwise.

he's a massive faggot crybaby.
basically, I just don't like him even if I agree with him on a few things.

Well the default is "hes the badguy", hence the thread
>basically, i just don't like the guy
So no reason then?

This entire crash started with bcash on CNN.

I mean CNBC

He makes Blocksteam uncomfortable.

>he's a massive faggot crybaby.
>basically, I just don't like him even if I agree with him on a few things.
Says the massive faggot crying about how he doesn't like a man more successful than him. You can't insult people for doing what you do at the moment you are doing it, it makes your side look embarassing.


Actually watch the interview. that poorfaggot failed to debate Roger on anything and resorted to namecalling.

This. The guy literally made things up and then finished the argument by repeating "BCash, BCash, BCash" That's the best argument Segwit supporters have. Make shit up and try to insult (its not even insulting, just annoying).

>finished the argument by repeating "BCash, BCash, BCash"
Thats all I ever see too

I don't like hypocrites. Watch that clip, since I know you haven't.

You mean CBS Fast Money

Most people are just jealous cause he's rich and good looking and does what he wants.

>I don't like hypocrites.
Yet you post a video where a guy who is fully invested in Bitcoin Segwit and shilling it while he sold his Bitcoin Cash is berating another guy for doing the exact opposite? You8r video proves Richard is a hypocrite guilty of exactly what he claims Roger is guilty of. And then Richard lies about the small blockers being in control of Bitcoin and the large blockers copying the code when it is the opposite. In the beginning the small blockers didn't even have access to make changes to the code but the large blockers gave them that access. Then the small blockers revoked the access of the large block developers and thus Bitcoin Cash was born. The small blockers literally stole Bitcoin.

he's just a pointless martyr. He's a smokescreen and a sacrificial lamb while Jihan moves in the shadow.

Richard fucking who you brainlet?
That guys name is John Carvalho
Watch the video you absolute fucking faggot.
hahaha I bet you would suck roger's dick if he let you.

Relax on Roger and look at the post on Whalepool if you want to see a real scam

He might be a "genuine person" but that "genuine person" has the emotional intelligence of a teenage girl. Plus he thinks bcash has a future, which is just icing on the cake

Thought you were the Heart poster, but if Johnny boy didn't even have any valid arguments.

You just refuse to watch that 1:10 minute clip lmfao. Why?

I saw it you mongoloid. I watched the full interview and Johnny boy got his ass whooped. He had to make shit up and say Roger pays people to advertise for Bitcoin Cash. Did you watch the full interview, Johnny got slammed hard.

The irony is that the bitcoin civil war will only push ETH to number one.

Or can you only watch 1 minute clips? Because the clip only looks bad if taken out of context. If watched in full it was obvious that Johnny was getting beat and resorting to only insults so you had to expect an outburst. But if you only watch the clip then you could imply that Roger over-reacted, but he didn't. John kept continuously lying and changing the subject as Roger beat down all of his arguments and then John just kept saying "We got our website ready for Segwit, why didn't you?"

I saw it live too, but over an hour of an interview doesn't have quite the same clarity this clip has.
Don't be a pussy, its 1 minute.

he's /our guy/, don't let the corecucks fool you.

>a man denied his bitcoin

He’s just passionate imo
Obsession does that to people

he is literally crypto embodied. we owe as much to him as anybody else. a model entrepreneur.

he's like a young Ron Paul if Ron Paul liked having his chest shat on by whores. not really my thing but I can respect a man who knows what he likes.

>big blockers are the rosa parks of crypto
>calling it bcash is like calling black people niggers
I don't care how many hoops your jump your Brainlet ass through, the guy is mentally unstable
And the fact he rages so hard over calling it bcash played straight into the claim that he is trying to co-opt the brand.

I miss this shitty meme

Having no emotional control is completely different than being passionate. Any time I see an adult throw a hissy fit I can't help but lose most of my respect for them

you're not wrong, but I'd like to add that if you gave corecucks the same button and told them it would kill everyone but remove all poverty and create total equality they'd do the same thing.

>And the fact he rages so hard over calling it bcash played straight into the claim that he is trying to co-opt the brand.
He didn't rage over the BCash bit, he raged because John kept changing the subject, lying, insulting him, and then claiming the only people who support Bitcoin Cash were people who Ver paid. Did you watch the interview or only the 1 minute clip?


Lol. Have you watched the interview? It was a joke and painful to watch. I mean when you Segwit soyboys try and legitimize child-like insults as a form of argumentation it shows that you can't argue. You don't have any arguments against BCH except to try and get its proponents to become heated and over-react.

Or do you think changing the subject, lying, insulting, and defaming someone is a valid method of argumentation?

Imagine the amount of intern-poon he pulls hat those goddamn BTC conferences.

>Monster takes the bait!
I didn't because I didn't need too, no matter what the interviewer said didn't justify his childish response. He didn't like what the interviewer says? End the interview, done. Congratulations, you're not an internet meme now. Thing is Roger Ver does not have emotional control, so instead he took the self destructive route and raged like a child for the rest of the world to laugh at.
I think BTC and BCH are going to become irrelevant, it is inevitable. BCH is just a little more sad in my eyes though because it is trying to duct tape an outdated technology. There are better alts out there that will replace them.
>hur dur we need btc because the market will crash otherwise
Yeah, I know. We need a good crashing so we can get rid of all the dumb people that are in the market right now that grasp for dear life to outdated technology and refuse to move on to better things. Too many stupid people getting emotionally attached to coins and not moving to the best technology on the market.

I went a little off track there, but yeah I think Roger is pretty much a joke

See this:
To summarize, just because someone acts immature to you doesn't mean you need to be immature back. He could have just ended the interview. Instead he let his emotions take control and became a joke on the internet

>I didn't because I didn't need too,
The calling card for Segwit Supporters. Complete ignorance. Alt supporters for the most part believe the same that Segwit supporters do, which is that the blockchain can't scale globally which is patently false. The blockchain is the only decentralized payment system possible for global scaling, everything else is a scam. Only BCH is planning on scaling their blockchain globally so its the only thing that will become globally adopted.

knowing this is incredibly comfy.
Anybody who knows this at this point in time has a free ticket to being a millionaire before EOY (unless poorfag)

>Gets onto me for not taking in the whole interview
>Calls me a segwit supporter
>Apparently didn't read everything I wrote


>Alt supporters for the most part believe the same that Segwit supporters do,
This was my second sentence you retard. The second sentence.

>Monster eats the bait!

Hey, explain to me why I would use BCH over Nano


Can you explain to me why I would use BCH over Nano

He was "insulted" because the interviewer chose to say bcash instead of bitcoin cash
If you can't see why that makes him a mentally unstable man child then idk dude, maybe you need to take a look in the mirror yourself

>private transactions
>smart contracts
>proven security through PoW

Thought I do have some XRB in case dag wins. BCH is crazy undervalued for how many value propositions it's proven.

That was a good answer, and why I hedge my bets with some BCH. I still think Roger is a joke though because

Unlike block-lattice faggotry the proper blockchain has proven itself functional and secure for 9 years.

Also BCH will be implemented in bitpay this year so I will comfily be able to spend BCH in tens of thousands of online shops with nice zeroconf instant transactions.
Not theoretical. Real actual adoption within the next 2 months.
Its also compatible with all the merchant software that was built for BTC in the past 9 years so the barrier for merchants is lower than with any other coin.

I will be able to spend BCH for almost any online expense this year, shitcoiner.

>block-lattice faggotry
I want you to try your very best to contain your emotions
>has proven itself functional and secure for 9 years.
We should never do anything different because things in the past have been proven to be more secure
>I will be able to spend BCH for almost any online expense this year, shitcoiner.
Man, wouldn't that be nice?

lel nice rebuttal. Bitpay rollout is already confirmed
Feel free to make a thread when nano is accepted in 30k shops

If you invest / speculate in currency then yes, you should probably have some understanding of how it works.

Then you see a mechanic.

There seem to be a lot of problems with blockchains in general right now, let alone the potentially elaborate protocols of the future. There's money to be be made both a) solving these problems and b) knowing what solutions to look out for

Nano uses a DAG right? The decentralized ledger which is secured by as little resources as possible? That one? The one where you can't be sure if all transactions are valid as you only see a couple of them? That one? A blockchain is the only tech that gives 100% assurance and security, all other tech cuts corners.

>he's just a pointless martyr. He's a smokescreen and a sacrificial lamb while Jihan moves in the shadow.
best post

Yea, kinda shocking actually. Kinda wanna buy some bcash.