Was raped and beaten by my parents when i was young

>was raped and beaten by my parents when i was young
>mother died in a car accident when I was 15
>couldn't be any happier
>father blamed it on me and beatings got worse as he became alcoholic and doing drugs
>the rape continued
>endured it for 3 years until I got a scholarship to study abroad
>left the prick to rot and almost forgot about him for 5 years
>found out dad died last week in a hit and run and I inherited their family house
>checked the valuation: $820,000

Holy shit guys 2018 is quite possibly the best year of my life. Have no idea on what to do with my new found wealth because I already have a good job. Also since the property is in America and I live in Europe, I'm not really sure about the tax implications. Any suggestions or advice?

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Have Property Mgmt company rent it out as vacation house/long term rental.
Hire fiduciary to walk thorugh the tax steps.
be rich

you deserve it, why don't you try moving to mongrellica?

sell before the stock bubble crashes
go all in on crypto with a split on the top 4 coins

the current beamarket is your golden ticket to 7figures before EOY

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Buy tío everything crashes (during the next upcoming days btc should be hitting 4-5k and ethereum 500$)
Buy ethereum and hodl

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Congrats OP. I'm really happy for you. I'm in debt by around 100k, do you think you could help me out?

Did you vehicular homicide both of your parents?


damn, you have all that money but you know damn well you didn't earn it by being smart. plus you have to live with the fact that you're some weird damaged-goods, and any nice hubby you'll meet will be instantly weirded out.

Make sure it's either paid off or you continue paying the mortgage, don't let the bank foreclose on you!

Seems like an obvious first step but you never know.

Also, sue person who hit your dad for money muh pain and suffering etc. Lol. double payday

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Your priority is to ensure the safety of your capital and protect it.

Crypto may be entering a long bear market and the stock market may have started to pop as well.

Look into safer assets.

I'm a guy. but thanks for the advice. I just want to sell the house for cash desu. Maybe buy property in europe instead

I'm thinking if I put in 100k into cryptocurrences i could easily make a million in a few years.

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never gonna make it

Please wait before getting into crypto. It's too uncertain right now, the bottom may still be far


how does this sound
>$200k in bank
>$200k in stocks
>$100k in crypto
>$300k in buying a flat or house which I can rent out

this x1000

Move some from banks and stocks into fixed income

what is fixed income?


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Solid. But I would split it even 160k each. Stocks are kinda suspiciouse high now. And 320 for some flats to rent. Look for Cryptos which generate passiv income. Like NEO is generating GAS. Masternodes etc. 40-50% BTC rest in ALTs. Max 10% for gambling with shitcoins and ICOs is solid in Crypto.


Men unironically can't get raped. It's just not physically and mentally possible.

Yeah totally. He should sell it and pay tax then put money into crypto and pay tax then take it out and pay tax. Or rent it out through a company and live free the rest of his life with no risk.

Does murrica not have capital gains tax? Or inheritance tax?

Fucking put your money where your mouth is and go to prison then. Completely delusional

Sounds hawt, gib more details on the rape

you have to sell it by the end of the year because you will be taxed on the value of the house. better start selling it now because I'm waiting for the housing market dead cat bounce to come down. I think it's already started.

>Maybe buy property in europe instead
Where is Europe ?