You can only pick 4 of the below, how do you allocate funds to them?

You can only pick 4 of the below, how do you allocate funds to them?



i wont, shit picks

In this current market, anything except 100% ETH is suicide. You'll still lose, but less than buying those shitty alts.

how old is angie now? she looks like she took too many cocks. shame

Milk Coin

oh wow, she's only 25 and she already looks like that. she's got the face of a 30+ year old

Rlc 100%.

I was a proud hodler of RLC but I dropped it for now
nothing new is gonna happen to it until may
partnerships are still gonna stay small
Out of the ones you picked I would do it like this

ETH - 50%
OMG - 10%
RLC - 5%
STRAT - 5%
QTUM - 30%

why so heavy in QTUM?

95% ETH
5% OMG

a lot is gonna have to it
it has already nice dapps and started to get partners (one big with 360)
it will be top 10.

80/20 omg/eth

70% ETH 30% OMG 0% rest

70% OMG
30% ETH
0% others

50/50 eth/omg


50/50 strat and eth

strat will have a good run 2018, screencap this

I'm with you. 100% ETH. If anything overtakes BTC that's the most likely candidate.

subtle RLC shill
i like you

Shes partys hard and lives in miami. In the sun all day. Shes gonna look like shit by 30

Losing hotness quick. If she wants continued attention she's going to have to show them.

85% OMG
15% ETH

Who is angie captain?

50% QTUM
40% ETH

probably something like 30-40% ETH and 60-70% QTUM