Who else legitimate depressed here and lost all hope?

Who else legitimate depressed here and lost all hope?

I felt like i was going to make it and things were finally happening in my life. I used to go on walks fantasizing what my new life would be like. Then the rug got pulled out from under me.

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I feel like this until I find the nxt good ico

>he fell for the hodl meme

Same. Am in shitty country and this was my one and only chance of getting ahead in life. Sucks

Unironically just hodl you virgin cuck

first time in my life i was happy
than crash
now depressed and poor again

Grow a spine and hold

Travelflex, it is already released but we're mooning really soon. You can get in on a really solid discount now, it's your total shitcoin but look at the website and you know who's getting rich.

The idiots thought it was going to be easy, lol.

I will never forgive myself for blowing off crypto a few years ago when I could have gotten in for cheap. I laughed at the people who would go on to make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions by buying in early. I pointed and laughed along with the other idiots like me, mocking them for their gullibility and poor financial decisions. Now I come here as the lights are coming on and the crowd is rising from their seats and heading for the door thinking maybe it's not too late for me to get in on it too.

I realize now that I don't deserve to make it. I deserve to suffer for probably having dragged down other people with me when I fearmongered years ago and told them not to touch crypto. Goodbye, Veeky Forums. I'm sorry.

I feel the same bro.
Was highly motivated all day, thinking what I will do. Dreams come true, life will change from the suffering.
And now ... /rekt

Someone has got pay for what they've done.

you fucked up user. We fooled you into actually hodling (whew what a cuck you are)

But unless you are in literal pajeetcoins you can
just wait.
Next time don't be a faggot and take profits at ATH

>Next time don't be a faggot and take profits at ATH

And how the fuck do you know when ATH is? It could have continued to 40k easily.

scalper here.
get fucked for being greedy and not at least taking enough gains to cover the cost of your initial investment.

Maybe this. It is not easy, you have to hodl. This can be more stressfull then a fucking allday job.

ITT fags that think they will get rich without doing shit

It's possible. Had i bought Bitcoin 2 months earlier i would have been a millionaire and would have sold as soon as i hit 1 million.

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need,,..

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

>shit ass pump server
gtfo nerd

ok, google the beginning of the stock market. your saying its the end of a market? thats retarded

>Who else legitimate depressed here and lost all hope?
Sure, but it has nothing to do with crypto.

Personally I had staggered sells between 14k and 20k
When the blow off top happened I sold the rest between 16 and 12k

Now Im filling my bags by DCA buying spread out over 2 months

>he fell for the not hodling for at least another 6 months meme

Just stop being a bitch, if your biggest problem in life right now is this crash then you're living a good life, I've had my whole world come crashing down around me in the past month, one thing after another, had to cash in what little coins I had left just to get money because it's so bad, your life could be worse!!

such is the game of investing

story time?

I have a really good idea. Read some FUCKING BOOKS. And stop looking for get rich quick schemes like a middle aged black MLM mom.

Not really a big story to tell, leading up to christmas I had my closest friend and a parent die, work wouldn't give me time off at all so I had to work 60+ hours a week through it all because I needed the money to pay rent, had a mental breakdown, girlfriend who was living with me left due to this, ending up losing said job and also losing my house due to not being able to pay rent, currently sleeping on a different couch every night trying to get a shitty minimum wage job just so I can get by

I feel so stupid.

Normies don’t make it in this market, hardened traders do.
Don’t expect this market to make you rich, expect it to make you a hardened trader. If not you’re just another pig that’s going to get fed to the bears.

Had 200k
Now 100k.

I'm unironically taking 10k to go travelling and coming back in 5 months. Just have a fucking life and stop being such a lil bitch.

I made it
1 mio in crypto even when having super bad trades. now not even 200k left. didnt know how to cash out such amount so fast.
i feel that was my last chance . was suicidal anyway but this was my last shot. missed it.

But user, everyone is paying for what they've done.

good just kill yourself you fucking fagget

>tomorrow $10k
>the day after $100


not gonna lie my physical health has declined in the last few weeks

i could literally taste freedom, new experiences, meeting new people

but now im just stuck in this shit apartment in this fucking shit cold cuck city waiting for this fucking crypto to boom again, if ever

>if I hodled neo after that china Fud in September I would have 14x my money
>tfw didnt

Fucking cash out then and invest in the stock market. With compound interest you'll have $1 mill soon enough.

Man, people will say you were jealous then but I honestly don't know if that's it. I just know that there is something very toxic about it. When you try to do something different, people will go out of their way to tell you it's never gonna work. And they may not even care about you, but they will be fast to dismiss your dreams like they're doing you a favour. I learned early to keep aspirations to myself. Otherwise you'll get dragged down to mediocrity

Patience user. You are a cuck for not taking 500k profits but sooner or later things will moon again

heres some free books on indicators, options, risk management, ect.


>I'm unironically taking 10k to go travelling and coming back in 5 months

This could be the biggest mistake of your life.

Thanks bro, my plan is now just to try get a shitty ass job so that I can live and then I will start investing what little I have left over in crypto again

Same ath same current, feels bad

The thing is that it's my normal state, when the numbers were green I was also deppressed. I knew it couldn't be real so maybe now it hurts a bit less.

I feel you. But no one who ever got rich sold at the bottom. The people we wish we were, the people who bought bitcoin in 2011, 2012, 2013... they held through horrifying shit and massive corrections that lasted for months on end at times.

Those who hold now will either lose it all (possible) or be rewarded with riches as people fomo back in.

I choose holding to millions or holding to death. Either I gain my financial freedom within the next couple of years or I kill myself riding this train to the end.

I was also depressed but at least there was hope for a new and better life. Now there is nothing.

harden up you shitters

Markets always crash when they rise too fast. We'll experience another giga pump in 1-3 years, and we'll reach dotcom levels next time.

Who made mega bank during the 2017 bullrun? The smartfags who had been accumulating hard between 2014-2016 while everyone else was whining about mt gox killing crypto.

I close my eyes, only for a moment
And the moment's gone
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water
In an endless sea
All we do crumbles to the ground
Though we refuse to see

Good, the more people who feel like this the closer to the bottom we are.

>Grow a spine and hold
Better, get a job.

>Who else legitimate depressed here and lost all hope?

I never had any hope left, so me losing money isn't a surprise at all.


Im literally extatic about this crash. It may be the biggest opportunity you will get in the next 10 years to actually become filthy rich.

just be smart about accumulating, dont pick bottom too fast

Good question, how to cash out such amount of money?

1m is peanuts.
sell on exchange and withdraw and call your bank and explain before receiving 1m

Hmm, will never make it tho. Jumped way to late in and now my 3.5k Investment is under 2k...

50% VEN ShitCoin

>Who else legitimate depressed here and lost all hope?

Having a daydream shattered is not depression. Now you're realising how little was going on in your life in the first place... That is all.

>See portfolio go from 40k to 20k. >Not even bothers me one bit. Actually I felt much worse over an impulse buy of $12 at a garage sale. I guess the way I see it. It's worth the risk. And I got lucky on NEO. At least we tried. And there's still a decent chance we'll go back to new records. It won't be for years though.

You all want someone to blame for this?

Roger Ver did it, and half you mongols played into his game

You sell it on auctions and over-the-counter markets. I forgot names but a quick research will lead you to those markets. Never sell in exchanges tho, usually they don't buy it that much anyway unless they paired you with a buyer but that's what otc markets already do and better.

You deserve it tbqh.

>he held

the absolute madmen

>bought at 12k
>almost sold when barely 3% up
>drop to 10
>climb back to 11.75, almost sell
>down to 10 again
>climb back to 11.5
>"this feels weird, should I sell?"
>dip to 7.5k
Holding on but fuck me I would have liked to make some BTC out of this.

Shit man. Hang in there.

One of your parents or your friends parent?

I know how you feel my gramps died during the holidays, very Wirral feeling when everybody is celebrating and you're mourning

i know that feel. Ha 15k and now plummeting to 3.4k. Lost 1 eth in a stupid dapp game too.

This is too fucking true. What kind of world do we live in where the best advice you can get is from an anonymous south-sudanese hedge clipping board.

I'm up 6 figures for the year. I have 40x the BTC that I started with. BTC will never drop back to the price I originally bought it at. And yet I feel like absolute shit and want to die.

>invest 60k
>have 200k at top
>down to 100k
Oh well, I outpeformed BTC.