hello woman

I am hopeful that Sergey Christ will deliver us from this crash

>"ahumm so, right, smartcontract ahumm"
>"okay so, we need to solve the oracle problem"
>"town crier intel secured"
>"*heavy breathing* hum so we can uh,, make smart contracts with this, and uhmm.."
>"well tokenization is not all you can do, we really want to go past tokenization"
>"*shows pictures with chainlink but never says chainlink*
>"it iwill be really great when we move past tokenization humm.. yeah"
>"well thanks, we hope the open source community can fix the middleware problem here and uh... we really look forward to moving past just tokens"
>*waddles off stage*


Go on, tell us what you think "beyond tokenization" means.


It means Sergey doesn't give a single fuck if Chainlink is successful and would gladly sell smartcontract to industry and let them build their own JSON parser? lmfao have fun figuring it out brainlet

>walks up on stage eating a big mac; fries in his front pocket
>mouth full of food
>"right, so let's get this out of the way"
>takes another bite
>"our partnership with swift has taken us beyond tokenization, and as such, we've decided to dissolve the chainlink project and work on swift's own oracle project full time"
>"but not to worry, we are happy to buy all tokens back for their ICO price, as this token was never meant to be listed on exchanges in the first place"
>"thank you to everyone who joined us on this journey and believed in us, but it's just time we moved on"

he looks and sounds like a C U C K. also, notice that his office is in SF.

lastly, notice how when he gets interviewed by that one marketing chick, she pronounces his name as SerGAY instead of Sergeee. And notice how he winces at this SerGAY pronouceation.

Anyone still holding LINK is 100% a faggot.

I'll be a faggot if it means I'm free of wagecucking

Because it IS spelled SerGAY, you uneducated retard
t. educated euroslav

It means making smart contracts for mainstream transactions, not just for token distribution like ETH does.

Tell me how that is good news for ChainLink, Mr. Trenchbrain

Because it's almost like ChainLink is the technology that allows that to happen.

Heads up for the newfags, though, price will not pump before/during/after this talk. We know 100% that Sergey won't be shilling (he never is) and it's also pretty obvious that anyone attending his talk is pretty savvy about ChainLink already.
I'm looking forward to it because I really like hearing Sergey talk about this stuff. Not expecting any price movement at all, and neither should you.

You are dumb as a nigger. Get out, LINK isn't for brainlets.

I'm sorry you have never been trolled before, and for that trench running through the middle of your skull

Sergey will not hype chainlink and bitcoin will still be in a dip lmfao we are waiting at least a year for upward movement trench brains

what happens in 11 days? brainlet here


sergey talks at BTC superconference

BTC is in bear market and probably going lower, 2015 bear lasted the entire year and this one looks worth

so basically, nothing is happening

you're welcome

This is actually the strongest fud so far.

The conference organizers have been forced to repeatedly turn down Mr. Nazarov's requests for his water to be replaced by vodka. His attendance may now be in doubt.

>walks up on stage
>"buy mobius"
>leave the stage