If you will make it biz, what do you do with the money?

If you will make it biz, what do you do with the money?

To all who lost a lot, but keep on dreaming. How will the money change your life?

I will finally have a gf

I don't know this number, who he hell
fucking pajeet scam calls

A googly eyed asian.

Same thing I'm doing now except with a nice pad and without having to work. Being in a position where noone can exert any leverage on you is comfy. That's why it's called fuck you money

And, what is the alternative? A nigger? A self absorbed white bitch?

You do want your kids to be smart, right user?

I already started doing it as of december.

>drop of out of college
>quit dumb ass retail job
>rent office space downtown
>ecommerce runs itself
>hire out virtual assistants to manage social media clients
>friends and I just sit around and code, ship products, screw around, and make money at the same time
>got (attainable) dream car

>he thinks an asian girl that literally had surgery on her chin, eyes and nose (to look white) and puts on pounds of makeup and uses photoshop to eliminate other blemishes isn't a self-absorbed whore
Fags that put any pussy on a pedestal are in for a rude awakening.

I will make the world around me a better place.

Alotta robots think that they can get a nice girl and pay her compliments everyday or otherwise just cherish her like a beloved waifu pillow or something but once you actually get a girlfriend you find out that not only does she think it's weird, but you do too
hence, you graduate into nonrobotdom

Ecommerce? Can you say what you do/sell? I am wage cucking at Ikea and I feel depressed af

i will buy EVERY tamagotchi ever made and have a fucking room dedicated to my collection. will be fucking epic

Plz rspnd

I am also on to this. Are you in bhw active? If you do not know what i mean, then you are not.
Can you give the niches you are in with best profits?

I'd really rather not say what. I am moving away from ecommerce and working on just shipping little websites, some of which have to do with ecommerce, some of which are just sites I build in my free time, which I don't have a lot of.

I also have a SMMA and basically what I do is land the clients and then either have a friend manage it, purely so I can help them out and teach them how the game works, or hire it out to a virtual assistant in thailand for $7 a day
gotta keep my niches private. I use that forum on and off for market research.

At the moment I'm working on three new sites, nothing Veeky Forums would be interested in.

Thanks for replying Sounds Great hope all work out for you :)

I want to get extensive surgery and a sex change to be a qt asian girl. Even if I have to invest in an artificial robot body.

Buy real estate and rent it to normies, passive income infinitum

Don't want a lambo, don't want expensive watches or jewellery. I just want to be able to purchase a house and life comfy for the rest of my life.

thanks man, good luck to you as well! I want to start creating content and selling courses too. hmu if you need any help with your own business, I love helping people out(just not monetarily, that's your job).

I'm looking to get into this. How do I start as a 19 year old with like minimal credit? Not that it's bad, but the only debt I've ever had was the car payment that started in january.

I want to buy a farm and start an animal rescue.

im not gonna make it
gonna end up in a casket before im 40

If I make it, I'm going to treat the chronic illness that has devastated my life, pay off my mom's house and then buy a house of my own where I will rebuild the life that I've lost.

If I don't make it I will literally kill myself. The dream offered by crypto is the only hope I have anymore.